Analysis of the poem The Road Not Taken

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

As my favorite poem, Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” leaves a long-lasting impression on me. The first time I came across it, I was amazed by its profound meaning. This poem describes a universal situation — the necessity of making a choice or decision, which faces anyone without exception. Looking back at the past, a considerable number of people express regrets about wasting time, choosing the wrong occupation, not spending enough time with their loved ones, or other conditions. Prior to reading the poem, I was often overwhelmed by feelings of regret, which were detrimental to my motivation and productivity.

The turning point came in this poem, which highlights the significance of focusing on the present rather than the past. Nobody can redo the past, owing to which the only way is to optimize the available resources to lead a fulfilling life. Accordingly, it is more beneficial and meaningful to sustain a positive mental state and turn out superior performance. Positivity, perseverance and diligence, which are the defining characteristics of successful figures, are what make a miracle and differentiate an individual from others. This realization transforms me from the prior confused, pessimistic and unconfident person into a goal-oriented, optimistic and resolute one. Specifically, it is the light guiding me out of darkness, the sunshine enabling me to foster a healthy mental state and the teacher enlightening me to become learned.

The most salient change is my cultivating a more determined mindset which sticks firmly to the chosen decision without being easily shattered by the external factors.
The other inspiration is the importance of reflective thinking. Reflection is pivotal for learning from the events actually happened, avoiding making similar mistakes and discover areas in need of further improvement. From my perspective, the original motive of creating the poem is not to convey a pessimistic message that people always regret. Instead, Frost may intend to encourage us to draw lessons, improve themselves and make desirable changes for the future.This inspiration guides me to be reflective, critical and thoughtful, thereby fully taking advantage of opportunities. In the contemporary teeming with multiple ideologies, values and pursuits, we are rather vulnerable to various choices and roads. Under such context, reflection, and critical can considerably assist us to take the most appropriate strategies.

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