Analysis of the Poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost: Easy and Hard Paths in Our Life

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

Frost was born on March 26th, 1874 in San Francisco and died on January 29th, 1963 in Massachusetts. Robert Frost thought that everyone should be Taught how to think metaphorically. During first life he won the Pulitzer Prize four times. After spending 40 years unknown, American poet, Robert Frost became very famous from these poems. The Road Not Taken, Dust of Snow, Nothing Gold Can Stay, and Minor Bird. All these poems have one thing in common the observations of humans and nature.
Nature is an everyday detail that people infrequently take time to appreciate and sometimes take it for granted. I’m several of his poems like “the road not taken” and “fire and ice” and “stopping by the woods.” Shows that he is a close observer of both nature and people, Robert Frost shows his interest in nature throughout the poem using imagery to describe the sky, the moon, animals, flowers,and the different seasons. For example in frost poem “Dust of Snow” it says “the dust of snow from a hemlock tree” is using imagery to tell us that the literal meaning of the snow actually falling off of the tree. Frost used a different way of saying it so it makes the readers imagine the words in their head.

While looking at the poem “The Road Not Taken,”Frost decided to talk about how in life there’s always two ways you can go. The easy way or the hard way the poem says “two roads diverged in a wood and I-I took the one less travelled by.” This part of the poem means he took the more difficult way to get to his goal, saying “I took the one less travelled by,” is using descriptive language because he is using a more descriptive way to say that he took the more difficult way. Instead of being like anybody else and taking the ways that make it fast and easy, frost decided to take the path that need some wear and tear. In this poem the moon is very sad that Francis looking back on his past looking at old memories of long ago the road not taken I think it be related to Shakespeare sonnet number 30 the reason I think these poems are very summer is because in the first line sonnet 30 it says very similar things. Well reading the poem over and over again frost uses imagery personification rhyme scheme and many metaphors to make the poem have a catchy sound. The ABAAB rhyme scheme in this poem helps give flow to the poem and gives the poem a better sound. When reading the poem I found the personification Frost has stated“because it was grassy and wanted wear.” I think this means that the road is human and wanted some wear and tear. Robert Frost has use the sense of sight in his pants describe the leaves and the yellows roads. There are many metaphors in the poem like a fork in the road and yellow road. I think that the road in this poem represents our life. And the fork in the road metaphorically represents the choices/decisions that we make in our life. I think that nature plays a role in this poem because Robert frost is describing that there’s always two ways to go in life, using the road in the woods to describe it.

Robert Frost was very depressed because out of his six children four of them died, and his wife died of a heart attack. These things have impacted his life so much that they say that his palms have alternative meanings they seem happy but they all have a darker meaning. In the poem minor bird frost uses personification repetition and rhyme. One must read it over and over again to understand the philosophy of the poem. There’s many ways to describe this poem but I think this poem is to do with depression the person perceives the birds singing as a nuisance and wishes it for it to go away where he’ll later come to regret that decision. “ have clap my hands at him from the door when it seems as if I could bear no more.” There’s this bird that’s been singing all day and it’s getting on his nerves. He eventually snaps and tries to put an end to the birds dreadful singing it’s only then he realizes what he has done he put himself before the birds happiness. I think the symbolic and literal meaning in this poem is the bird is annoying the narrator so he tries to hold the singing but just as he did that he realizes that he shouldn’t stop the bird for what he loves to do. The symbolically meaning of this poem is the idea that he should not hurt the bird for what he loves to do and except then to express themselves for what they like to do. I think the mood of this poem is somewhat of a guilty one. The reader of this poem feels guilty because they have most likely done similar things in their lifetime trying to stop someone from being annoying. Nature plays a role in this poem because Robert Frost is telling us to let people do what they want to through the birds singing and him trying to halt the singing.


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