Analysis of the Novel The Veldt by Ray Bradbury: Harmful Impacts of Automation on Children

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

Automation is a major part of our life and our foreseeable future. As everything technology is also having two sides such as advantages and disadvantages. In the Veldt story writer described the information about the bad impact of technology by elaborating its effect on children (Peter and Wendy) who bring about the death of their parents because they are reared in the technological nursery that replaces their parents and thus, they love automation more than their mother and father.(Ray Bradbury,1950).I completely agree with the author’s point of view that mechanization is having a lot of consequences on people’s life. I will support this idea by giving so me examples in the following paragraphs.

Theses days children are becoming over dependent on technology that makes them lazier. For educational purposes children takes the help of internet to do their school work that reduces creativity in them. These are leaving the old methods of study and use internet for this purpose and reduces the ability of their mind to think critically. A colossal piece of the advancement of small kids is imagination.

A kid’s innovative impulse can be enormously decreased with innovation. In the past youngsters have utilized their creative mind to build up their inventiveness yet at this point with the assistance of the web, kids are essentially finding everything without exception and along these lines they are not utilizing their innovative personality to its full limit. (Robinsonan,2015)

In addition to this, Automation also hinders the socialization process in children. Children are being presented to screens since early on and are investing more energy than any time in recent memory before TVs, tablets and other innovation. Research demonstrates this can change how kids communicate socially. Truth be told, one examination found that following five days with no gadgets, 6th graders were better ready to peruse human feeling. This proposes investing more energy before a screen, as opposed to associating eye to eye, can contrarily influence how kids mingle and comprehend other individuals. In the long haul, there could be social outcomes if a great many people have hindered capacity to identify with others. (Kelly Burch, 2018)

Moreover, over reliance on mechanization also cause a condition called Neurosis which manages mental and social issue. Its indications incorporate tension, bitterness or sorrow, outrage, crabbiness, mental perplexity and may likewise prompt a feeling of low self-esteem. Due to innovation, for example, phones, web and gaming frameworks today children are less inclined to associate with one another eye to eye. Children these days are indistinguishable from their telephones since they are so subject to them. They spend each extra moment they have on a gaming framework or on the web or through instant messages which lessens their capacity to socially communicate with others outside in reality.

Thus, it shows that automation is also having a bad impact on the psychological health of children and causes problems in the behaviour and emotions of children. (Yasser Alghamdi,2016) Furthermore, Technology also effects the physical as well as mental health of young ones badly because of its excessive exposure. The psychological advancement of kids between 2 to 3 years of age can be antagonistically influenced on the off chance that they use gadgets for extensive stretches of time.

At this specific age, children ought to learn and create visual abilities, spatial aptitudes, and engine abilities so as to have an ordinary existence. or b. A parcel of youngster’s face eye issues when they sit before a TV or a PC screen for a considerable length of time. These gadgets discharge radioactive beams that can be exceptionally hurtful to the eyes of youngsters since they are as yet creating.

Furthermore, eye strain can prompt eye weariness, hazy vision, and center issues, which can be exceptionally aggravating and dangerous. Handheld gadgets like telephones, tablets, and a few workstations advance awful stance in kids due to the manner in which they invest energy twisted around their screens. Terrible stance can cause misalignment and subluxation in the spinal line, which can bring about significant issues. (Dorman, 1997; Miller, 1993)

In Conclusion it can be said that children are the future of our nation. It is the responsibilities of parents to introduce their children with technology as just for their benefits and as per their requirement. Parents should give time to their children and encourage them to indulge in some outdoor recreational activities to make them physically and mentally healthy and socialized by increasing face to face interaction with outer world and peers while playing. Parents should also help their children in study and do not let them to be over dependent on automation. In the end technology is good but its excess use is detrimental that can be reduced by the parents by providing love and affection to their children and involving them in other activities so that they can understand the real-world feeling.


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