Analysis Of The Main Isues Raised In The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

April 28, 2022 by Essay Writer

American culture demonstrates a close relationship with the history of the United States, the development of all aspects of American life, it grows out of everyday life. As elsewhere, there are cultural gaps and an identity crisis in the US today. But in general, this is a country whose history convincingly confirms a view of culture as a program of human activity and allows us to present it as a value-semantic basis for the life of society. Toni Morrison is called “the mouthpiece of the will of black America” and “the conscience of the West.” Continuing the traditions begun by the first wave of African American writers in the United States, she led the next in the early 1970s. Twenty years in the writing craft workshop – and here she is the winner of the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes. “She is a masterful artisan whom people lose sight of. She is also great and innovative, so she deserved the Nobel Prize. ”Tony Morrison not only created the extraordinary context of complex novels of amazing power, she redrew the American literary history of the 20th century.”

Morrison is actively involved in the feminist movement, speaking at black congresses. In “Blue eyes” we are already on the first page reporting that Pekola had a child from her father, inevitably deviates from the linearity of presentation and involves constant transitions from the present tense to the past, flashback and flow of consciousness as the main stylistic device. This form is directly related to the content of the story being told, because, as John Updike rightly noted in his review of Pity, Tony Morrison is probably one of the most consistent supporters of William Faulkner’s thesis that “the past does not pass”. The past, in many respects, determines the actions of the heroes in the present, therefore, without turning to it, it is simply impossible to understand something in the story being told. For Morrison, in many ways, the main events of this past are slavery and racial segregation, two political phenomena of US public life that affected the privacy of every citizen of the country. The absence of a story (a big story that could have left its mark on the past of the characters, and thereby determine their present), is a problem that Morrison has never encountered before, because and slavery and racism, raised to the state level, in its former novels written about much later times, performed this function naturally and inevitably. She wrote about outsiders and people with broken lives, and it seemed self-evident because the reader knew that the greatest story broke the fate of these people.

Concentration on the personal, personal dimension of the characters allows Morrison to express more explicitly than before the main existential questions that were already touched upon in her novels. The only thing you can count on is the same pity that was put in the title of the book, but it is unfounded and unreliable: Even the educated, those who studied for a long time — black doctors, teachers, newsmen, and businessmen — faced too difficult a challenge. Not only did they have to work with their heads in order to somehow advance, they were forced to bear the burden of their entire race. And the smart head did not help here.

Hegemony describes the domination of a single social group or class in society. This control can be carried out subtly, rather than by force through cultural means and economic power, and be based on a mixture of consent and coercion. It gave the dominant group in society the opportunity to influence the preferences of others in favor of the existing order; and ensure that representatives of these dominant interests serve in key monetary, regulatory, judicial, and bureaucratic positions.

Global Hegemony

In international politics, hegemony now refers either to: Dominance of one force on the world stage.In the life of every person there are such cases that are impossible to forget. And more than anyone else, we can tell about them the person who has experienced it for himself. In this case, we are talking about racial discrimination. Man is a unique creature with its own unique character and personality. So why is there an ideal or “stamp” on which it is worth being equal? After all, we do not mean the desire to obtain knowledge or sporting achievements, we are talking about beauty and appearance. Having experienced hardships and humiliation on oneself, we are increasingly beginning to comprehend the essence of the issue. And the conclusion is simple: in order to be a “man” you just need to be born in the right place and have the right appearance. Does the situation seem absurd? Man is a child of nature, nature has awarded us all with its attractive appearance, someone is given to have thick hair, and someone has got green eyes. But where did the standard of beauty or standards come from? In our opinion, a person should love himself as he is. Appreciate what he has. Not to pursue an ideal, but to be an ideal for yourself. As soon as you begin to respect yourself, others will perceive you. Undoubtedly, everyone knows this, and inspire it to themselves daily. Nevertheless, I would like to address the problem in the book “The bluest eye”.

The plot of the book tells readers about the life and fate of a young black woman who wanted to have blue eyes and fair skin. The meaning of the life of a young girl was to acquire blue eyes. A color that would help change life. … “I ran my finger along the upturned nose, picked blue glass eyes, twirted yellow hair on my finger. I could not love it. But on the other hand, I could explore it in order to understand exactly where the whole world worships”. While living in Africa, she knew that there are places on Earth where there is peace and harmony. But having brown eyes, she was already from the world of the poor. However, does eye color decide something? This is the prejudice of a person in a stalemate.

The book describes the life and events of the spring of 1941, at this time Africa was experiencing dysfunctional times, poverty and chaos were happening then. Do not forget about the depressing social situation and the internal family conflict that occurred in the girl’s family. Blue eyes are an illusion of a beautiful life, it is a deception of itself, it is a dream of well-being. When dreams crumble, life loses its meaning, and only willpower and a desire to live will help overcome this disappointment. Probably not worth living the illusion of deceiving himself. It is better to be aware of the harsh reality from which at least one can expect a blow, rather than live a dream that is not feasible.We are all waiting for a miracle that will change our lives. But miracles rarely happen, and even if we are lucky, we begin to believe in fate. But having blue eyes is almost an unreal miracle. Given the situation and the position of the main character, she could hardly look at the world through her blue eyes. She faced stiffness, her own father raped her, and she lost all interest in life. … “Cholly knew that it was bad to run away from a pregnant girl and thought with sympathy about his father, who did the same thing”.

Colonization has caused the humiliation and racial discrimination of the peoples of Africa. Thousands of people were exterminated, persecuted, humiliated. Nature made some stronger than others, which allowed one race to occupy higher positions, both in cultural and in political sense. If you compare humanity with wildlife, you can find similarities in the psychology of behavior of people and animals. Like an animal, a person searches for his own kind, the strongest survives, and as a result, he dictates his rights.The founder of the racist theory is Joseph de Gobino. In his studies, he considered the issue of racism from a historical point of view. Thousands, thousands of slave people tried to survive under the yoke of humiliation, poverty and filth. Racism, as a problem at the psychological level, was studied by many scientists, the purpose of their research is to identify the causes for such behavior. Eye and skin color, as well as belonging to a certain nationality, became the main criteria by which people began to “classify” each other. The result is the enslavement of one “weak” nation by another more “strong”, the establishment of power in certain territoriesMs. Morrison said: “I spread like seaweed when I put it that way, but I would like to think about a prize that applies to these regions, nations and races.”From the time of their appearance to this day, it is for these reasons that they are now trying to ban it for sale and library access. Behind the story of Pekola, whose family constantly reminds her of how “ugly” she is, the stories of her parents and the adoptive family into which she falls are looming.

All the motives and stylistic techniques that distinguish Morrison’s prose are already present in one form or another in The Bluest Eye: here are changes of points of view and accompanying changes of language, metaphors, magical realism, and global reflections on the nature of good evil. Debutant Morrison immediately shows the world why she wants to write books: to tell the constantly hushed up and, worse, simply not enough interesting for many history of the oppressed minority. Through stories of violence, tragedies and perversions, the writer tells about the good. For her, the idea of goodness as a conscious choice, as an active life position of an “adult” person, is most important, so none of her novels seems unbearable.

Today, the issue of racism remains relevant, despite the many measures taken to improve social and economic conditions. It will take a lot of time and effort to “align” races. Something has changed: the dichotomy has not disappeared, but there is a dialogue between the races, and, more importantly, black people now have the opportunity to work in areas where they were not allowed before. There are more films, literature, and whole packs of television shows that draw attention to the racial issue. Gradually, from the field of politics, this topic moved into the entertainment and cultural sphere and back.


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