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April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows a cast of characters living in the ?ctional town of West and East Egg on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922. The story explores the lives of several of New York’s in the early 1900’s and the complexities with their love lives. Fitzgerald is very well recognized for is writing style and forms of expression. To achieve his eloquent style of writing, a rage or imagery, motifs and similes are necessary.

I will be writing the letter that Gatsby send Daisy in the novel. The letter acts as an extension to a chapter in the book. The letter Gatsby sends to Daisy remains unknown throughout the story. All that the reader is aware of is the reaction of Daisy. The signi?cance of this love letter in the story shows how Gatsby and Daisy were lovers however due to Tom Buchanan and Gatsby going to war, their love story ended.

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This letter will further develop the character of Gatsby express express an idea of how he views love as it is seen through the eyes of Gatsby. The objective of this letter is to use this style to develop a character’s personality which could create a drastic e?ect on the story.

Dear Daisy, over the past few years, I have been thinking about you night and day. It seems like I haven’t seen you in a lifetime. I would love to ask how you’ve been or if you miss me, but this would only set up me up for deeper su?ering than I am in now.

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Nothing can satisfy me the way you did. Whether it’s an exotic car or a big house, I am permanently lost without you.

I have been waiting for months to send this letter. My mind was telling me you were happy, while my heart said otherwise. Deep down I knew you weren’t in the place you would want to be. After hearing stories of your current life with Tom Buchanan, I couldn’t help myself. This is my last hope for completing my life. You are the last piece to my puzzle. Without you I am incomplete.

One morning I woke up early doing my ordinary daily routine: took a shower, slipped on some garments, and snatched the paper with some co?ee. I opened the paper and at that moment my life was turned upside down. There it was at the top of the featured page, you were wedding the rich Tom Buchanan. It then hit me that you couldn’t hold up until the end of time. Maybe my wishes were excessive? I thought we were more grounded. But I guess I wasn’t right. Nobody can wait until the end of time.

I sit on my porch and still remember all of the lovely memories we shared, knowing that you miss them too. I dream of being with you even if it means giving up my life. I would love to give you what Tom can never give. Your eyes 2

English Written Taskaren’t the same with Tom. Your hair isn’t the same with Tom. My Daisy is not Daisy with Tom.

You are probably not aware, across from the bay I reside in a large house. I host the biggest parties in New York hoping you come and see me. Every night I glare at the green light while hope ?lls through my blood. I hope I see the day we reunite. I can recreate all the wealth and luxury you currently live with. all the servants, clothes and jewelryThe light is the connection between our souls while the water is what acts as our hurdle. We are perfect together. Your undeniable beauty surpasses any other women.

I sit down and remember the ?rst time we met, the ?rst time we laughed, the ?rst time we made love. These memories cloud my thoughts with nothing but you. Dragging me from memory to memory while ?lling my mind with regret. I look back to the day I left and relive that moment wishing I stayed back. Back home with everything, back home with you.

I would love for us to be together however, Tom is keeping me from you. He treats disrespectfully yet you still stay with him. You will not regret leaving him. I can see the way he treats you. A woman like you, the most beautiful woman in the world, does not deserve to be treated this way. Tom stands as the barrier to our happy lives. I will be the man you wont be afraid to speak your mind.

I am well aware of his a?air with Myrtle Wilson and so it is clear to me that he will never be the one for you. How can you be married to a man who doesn’t keep you as his ?rst priority? Bringing you into my life would ease these complexities while you live a care free life. With a gentle kiss, I will cure you from all of the things he has done to you. I will treat you like a princess, shielding you 3

English Written Taskfrom any harm and treating you like the beauty that you are. I’ll be the man you can count on.

So my dearest Daisy, this letter is all I have for you. It is up to you. I hope you see what is right for our lives. I can write for years about how much I love you, and there will never be a limit to what I can say about you. I can write till my death but I will still never truly be able to express my love for you. It is up to you to speak to Tom Buchanan to save yourself from this torture and live a joyful life together. Our story cannot end here. All I can hope for is an angel falling from the heavens to make us be together. As of now, all I can do is sit across the bay from, glaring at the green light.


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