Analysis of the Clue of the Velvet Mask

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

The story starts out with the main character Nancy Drew who is get ready for a masks party late at night. As she is getting ready her escort or date arrives to pick her up, and as he rang the doorbell Nancy rushed down stairs to open the door and see Ned all dressed up and ready to party. Ned her date is very kind and loving towards Nancy and helps her solve the case of the gang of masked thieves. When the two were about to head out Nancy’s parents warned them to be careful because of all the robberies that had happened. After hearing what her parents said they proceed to the party with caution. After arriving at the party they are greeted by Linda who is a friend of Nancy and is also the one who works for Mr. Lightner. After seeing Linda they are immediately greeted by two other friends bess and george that are very excited to see them. After the get together they party and dance for a while but then all of the sudden the lights go out and everyone was confused and afraid. Then when the lights turned on they all find out that some of the expensive house items are gone. After this incident Nancy decides to go on the case and with the help of her friends she feels as if she could crack it herself. Also when this happened she had saw the man in a black cloak and wondered that that costume came from. After the party they then inform the police about what has happened and put Nancy and Ambrose on the case.

The next day nancy goes to Mr. Lightener to talk about if this black cloak was checked out to, but finding out nothing about it she decides to get ready for another party that was three days past the previous one. The party began and Nancy was still trying to figure out how she was going to catch the thieves. Then out of nowhere the lights went out again and Nancy was on the move she heard many people screaming, but then heard footsteps near the window and saw the same man. The man looked at her and smiled then jumped out. After that party was over the police came again and they inspected the area to find a mask that said numbers on them. Nancy studied the numbers and found out the were dates for when they strike and rob the place. After that she then tries to plan something to catch them.

The next party comes and has a plan to catch them every had their part to do and it had to be timed perfectly then the lights went out again and ned sprang at the first thief and turn the power back on then all exits and windows were blocked they had nowhere to go and ended up catching the thieves and solving the case. I would recommend this book because of its mystery and suggest you to read because it’s a good book.

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