Analysis Of Taoist Rituals And Beliefs

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Chinese practiced 2 main religions Taoism and Buddhism. Taoism was found in the 6th century by Lao-Tzu he wrote his philosophy and beliefs in a book which is called Tao Te Ching.

Everyone who practiced Taoism believed everything to do with nature has two balancing forces which are called Yin and Yang these forces can be known as male and female, hot and cold, and dark and light. Buddhism was found in the 6th century by Siddhartha Gautama Buddhism is one of the most important religions in Asia. Buddhists practice meditation to change yourself to have qualities such as kindness, awareness, and wisdom. Buddhism addresses itself to all people even if you’re a different race, nationality, sexuality, and gender.

Taoism taught people to embrace life and accept the life you were given. It taught people peace and finding who you truly are. Taoism taught people to learn their acceptance of their nature. Buddhist’s believe that if you drink alcohol or take drugs it could cloud your mind.

Taoism based their decision making on advice from religious leaders. Tao Te Ching was one of the many leaders that the people respected and people followed his rules he lived virtuously in private, and he lived publicly as well so he could influence his people for the better. Buddhism was found by Siddhartha Gautama. They didn’t base decision making from religious leaders because they believed everyone deserved to be treated the same way. Everyone got a chance to speak and that’s how they made decisions.

Taoists rituals involve meditation and offerings to a goddess or god. Temple rituals involve a prayer to a goddess or god and chanting prayers or texts to them. They practice rituals because they believe it will bring them good luck. Meditation, mantras and mudras are rituals of Buddhism mantras are sacred sounds mudras are symbolic hand gestures and meditation is mental concentration and mindfulness.

The important days for the Buddhists are when there’s a full moon for a new moon. The main festival is Buddha Day. Wesek is the celebration of Buddha’s birth. People celebrate 3 important life stages of the Buddhas birth, enlightment, and the death of the Buddha.

Taoist’s practice meditation, breathing, energy flow, martial arts, and diets. They believe that people can become deities forever and making kindness and compassion a priority. Buddhist’s don’t believe in god.

The ancient Chinese believe that when you die your soul goes to another world. When you get buried, they would bury objects such as gold, silver, pottery, and other precious items with you. Taoists believe that if a person lives a moral life and follows the path of Tao, they will achieve immortality after death. The Chinese usually wear white to funerals usually they will place a black piece of material will be placed on top of the person who will be in the casket. After the casket is placed on the ground the family will throw handfuls of dirt covering the casket. After 3 days the family will make the persons favourite food item for the person to come say goodbye.

Panku is a story about the creation of earth. Chinese mythology believes that the earth was the shape of an egg. When the egg cracked Pan-ku came out and he came with 2 elements Yin and Yang. Yang formed the sky, and Yin formed the earth. After 18 000 years Pan-ku had died after he passed away his head created the sun and moon, his blood created rivers and oceans, his breath created wind and his voice made thunder. Humans came from fleas on his body.


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