Analysis of Susan B. Anthony’s Speech After Being Convicted of Voting

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Imagine you are in 1872 and you wanted to exercise your right of voting, except there is one thing standing in the middle of you exercising your amendment right, the law. So you lead a group of 14 other women and start protesting for the right to vote. Luckily after an hour of protesting they let you vote.

The only problem is 13 days after all of this you find out that there is a warrant for you and the other 14 women for voting “without having a lawful right to vote.” Well, this is the exact situation that Susan B. Anthony had to go through. In this paper I will be analyzing Susan B. Anthony’s “Speech After Being Convicted of Voting.”

The first subject I will be talking about Is how strong her argument. I believe that Anthony’s argument was very convincing because she always had facts to back up her speech and was very informative. In my opinion the parts that are especially effective are when she states the beginning of the Preamble and uses it for her argument, “It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens”.

My next topic will discuss whether I agree or disagree with her decision to break the law. I personally agree with her decision to break the law because I believe in order to get the attention that some people deserve and to get her point across they need to do something like breaking a law. For example in many famous cases such as the Plessy v Ferguson case he had to break a law in order to get his point across and bring it to the court to possibly change some of the laws. From evaluating the central argument I have found that it is a deductive argument. Also the speech has valid points. All of this leads to not only a very well written speech but also a good argument. From evaluating Anthony’s reasoning and evidence I can determine that she made true statements and she stayed on topic with all of her evidence. Also since she was quoting statements from the Declaration of Independence and other major documents which gets her a lot of credibility.

One logical fallacy in Anthony’s Speech is One instance where Anthony appeals to logos is when she states a part of the Declaration of Independence. One other instance where Anthony appeals to ethos is when she uses excerpts from respected documents.One final instance where Anthony appeals to pathos is when she uses phrases such as “It is the most odious aristocracy ever established on the face of the globe.” Even though she has very good rhetorical appeals she did include some ineffective rhetorical appeals. One of them are when she says, “It is urged that the use of the masculine pronouns he, his and him in all the constitutions and laws, is proof that only men were meant to be included in their provisions.” I picked this quote because althought it still proves a point it doesn’t really hit you emotionally. As you can see Susan B. Anthony played a very important part in women’s suffrage.

Now that you know what Susan B. Anthony went through how would you deal with this situation if you were Susan B. Anthony.


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