Analysis Of Some Important Issues In “Raisin In The Sun”

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

Walter’s and Beneatha’s attitudes about money

Walter believes that money is mandatory to achieve happiness. He feels that investing money plays a huge role in gaining money, which is why he wants to invest in a Liquor company, which ultimately fails, and he loses all the money he invests. When asked by Mama why he talks so much about money, Walter responds by saying, “Because it is life, Mama!” He believes that money adds to your overall experience on life, even though he has never truly experienced having money. Beneatha believes money is a way to cushion herself. She has big dreams and goals that can only be fulfilled by spending money. On the other hand, she experiences how money can make you condescending through her interactions with George. I relate to both of these characters viewpoints on money. I believe that money is necessary for you to strive; to do the things you want to do. Also, if money is so important to you, you will never have enough to satisfy you. Money is important to have happiness in terms of buying things, but money can’t buy you loyal friends or good grades. Hard work and being an overall good person also bring happiness, which is the idea that I have been raised off of. The hard work has to be in place to be rewarded by something that costs money.

Contrast between George Murchison and Joseph Asagai

Before George Murchison enters the play, Mama and Beneatha are talking about him. Beneatha admits that she likes him, but also says, “Oh, I just mean I couldn’t ever really be serious about George. He’s- he’s so shallow”. When he first enters the play, this trait is immediately shown. When Beneatha is trying to talk to George, he responds by saying, “Drop the Garbo routine, it doesn’t go with you. As for myself, I want a nice- (Groping) – simple (Thoughtfully)- sophisticated girl… not a poet- O.K.?” George wants to change Beneatha into his ideal girl, which shows he is shallow. On the contrary, Joseph Asagai is kind and sees eye to eye with Beneatha. Asagai got Beneatha robes all the way from Nigeria. When he tells her this, she is surprised that he sent them all that way. He tells her, “For you- I would do much more…” When talking about their feelings, Asagai says, “Between a man and a woman there need be only one kind of feeling. I have that for you… Now even… right this moment…” It is blatant to the reader that Asagai has strong feelings for Beneatha, and he doesn’t want to change her. In the end of the play, he even asks for her hand in marriage and to move to Africa with him. We never get the chance to hear her response. George is shallow and controlling whereas Joseph is kind and loving. Beneatha is attracted to both men because George is a rich colored man and Joseph is a loving and understanding man.

Who has the most power in A Raisin in the Sun?

Lena (Mama) has the most power in A Raisin in the Sun. She has a strong sense of moral power. She is the matriarch and glue of the Younger family. Lena has a plant, which is a symbol for the way she takes care of her family and her dream. She nurtures them both but also lets them flourish on their own. For example, she lets the plant grow in the sun (lets her children argue), but then water’s it (help them see each other’s prospective) and lets it flourish. Even though the conditions of the plant and of her family are not ideal (living in a two-bedroom house with five people, and not getting enough sun) she never lets the house or her plant unfold or die. She holds this plant close to her because it represents her dream of owning a house with a garden. A big part in having power is trusting others. Even though Walter fails when he is trusted, she still turns it into a moment for him to grow into the person she always saw him as. In the end of the novel, she determines the final decision by pressuring Walter. Walter was about to take money to leave the house Mama bought, so Ruth told Travis to leave but Lena looked into Walter’s eyes and said to Travis, “No. Travis, you stay right here. And you make him understand what you doing, Walter Lee. You show where our five generations done come to”. Lena had the power over Walter to convince him to do the right thing, but pressuring him in front of his son. In addition, most of the characters had dreams that were discussed. The only dream that came true during this play was Lena’s dream of getting a new house and making her husband proud that she did the right thing.

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