Analysis Of Persuasion Methods In Mountain Dew “Come To Live” Commercial

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

Most of the Mountain Dew commercial there is an upbeat music playing in the background, dancing, and animals. Mountain Dew commercials are usually funny and tend to keep you awake throughout the whole minute and thirty second with all the commotion that goes on. Mountain Dew does a great job in advertising their product, in just the first five seconds of it you can already understand what their product can bring into your life. With just a sip of Mountain Dew your day can go from tired and boring one, to having the best dance moves of the night, it all just starts with kick!

Music is used often in advertising to enrich the key message and may be the single most stimulating component in a commercial. Music has been shown to directly affect behavior at the point of purchase. In the Mountain dew commercial they have an upbeat catchy music that makes you want to dance. Having this music in the background it resides along with what the brand stands for. The music sets the tone for the audience being reached and sells the experience of what the brand wants to align with. That’s why you hear electronic music in the mountain dew commercials which is marketing towards a younger audience.

The first ingredient in this beverage is SUGAR, watching the video without any music is scary. The heavier guy sitting on the chair looks like he is having a heart attack. He looks likes he can’t breath and is having seizure. Sugary drinks are linked to premature deaths from heart disease. Previous studies have shown a link between added sugar and both obesity and chronic disease. There are 74g of sugar in just one serving. Mountain Dew is showing their consumers that by having a whole can of it you can suffer from a heart attack, but they cover it by putting upbeat music and having things around the room move to make distraction.


Commercials have an important job, and that is to make you buy and remember their product. Mountain dew “come to live” commercial does a great job marketing their product, especially to the younger crowd by adding upbeat music and making it a fun interesting commercial to watch. A commercial without music can also say a lot about it. It can open viewers’ eyes to things that maybe the product is tending to hide.

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