Analysis of Mersault’s Behavior in The Stranger

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Stranger is Mersault, the storyteller and hero of the novel. He feels alone in the world. His story is isolated into two segments. Part I manages the normal undertakings of Mersault, with the exception of two key occasions. The story starts with the demise of Mersault’s mom. Since he is a straightforward man who acquires sufficiently only for himself, Mersault sent his mom away to a Home for the Aged in Marengo, an activity that brought him analysis. At that point when he goes to the funeral of his mom, he finds that he doesn’t feel a ton of pain; nor is he included concerning the complexities of the social conventions of grieving.

The day after his mom’s ceremony, Mersault ends up associated with an undertaking with Marie, who was at one time a worker in his working environment. They swim together, eat, watch a comic film, and have intercourse. The general public is sickened at his refusal to watch a period of grieving for his mom. He is classified ‘boorish,’ ‘uncaring,’ and a ‘social beast’.

Part I furthermore uncovers Mersault’s inclusion with Raymond Sintes, his neighbor who functions as a pimp. Raymond is a very different man from Mersault, and he easily influences Mersault to write a letter for him to the young lady he physically harassed. Afterwards, Raymond becomes more friends with Mersault, and they one day find themselves confronted to many arabs trying to kill them. Mersault ends up executing an arab down. This is how Part I ends and Part II begins.

In Part II, Mersault is captured and imprisoned for the homicide. He isn’t stressed concerning his case, for he feels the jury will see anyway the shooting was not purposeful. He doesn’t lease his very own proficient individual, yet acknowledges the court delegated one. At the point when the expert individual attempts to get Mersault to incline the truth concerning his responses to his mom’s passing, he can’t, for Mersault values genuineness and is consistent with himself.

He additionally neglects to see the association between his case and his affections for his mom. Mersault additionally declines to see the priest, who inevitably bursts in to Mersault’s cell. At the point when Mersault declines to admit his blame and ask pardoning, the cleric responds with incredulity. When he tires to appeal to God for Mersault, he shouts at the pastor. Likewise, he declines to respond to the cross that the judge indicates him and uncovers that he doesn’t trust God.

The justice trusts that he has ne’er met an a great deal of uncommunicative, conceited, credulous, genuine, and gruff criminal. He likewise feels that Mersault is subsequently unfeeling that he ought to be related to the ‘antichrist.’ The jury has a similar response to Mersault. They don’t fathom any of his clarifications and feel that his absence of feeling and distress is brutal. Thus, they judge him to be liable of homicide and sentence him to death by the guillotine. Mersault can scarcely trust the finding of truth, for he has never thought of himself as a criminal.

At last, nonetheless, he approaches his demise like he has moved toward his life – with detachment. He supposes that his demise is just the reality of things and that his death is inevitable. The end of the novel is extremely good and it makes the audience wonder if Mersault’s point of view is so bad after all. This is the case because the author gives insight to the audience on how the perspective of Mersault’s existential existence functions.


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