Analysis of Lizzy Bright and the Buckminster Boy

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Takes place in Phippsburg Maine in 1911 next to a former slave island. The island may be turned into an area for tourists.

Turner- He has blonde hair and white skin and brown eyes. He is the mister son and has only been in Phippsburg for a couple of days. He doesn’t know how to play there way of baseball. Turner gets into a fight and is accused of being caught is someone else’s house cleaning of blood. Turner was thought how to play baseball by Willis the decans son and Lizzy. Turner doesn’t like Phippsburg Maine and he wants to find new territories where he can be free and do what every he wants for being a minister’s son doesn’t matter.

Lizzy- Lizzy has black hair and dark skin and green eyes. She was born on an island for former slaves and gets treated badly for being a slave. Lizzy Likes playing baseball and is very good at it. The people in Phippsburg Maine want to turn the island she lives on a tourist attraction. Lizzy’s favorite meal is clam chowder that her grandpa makes. Lizzy has three siblings and their triplets, and they love to sing. Everything for Lizzy is bad right now but when she meets Turner things get better.

Summary- Turner arrived in Phippsburg Maine with his minister father and his mother. Turner wanted to play baseball with the other kids, so he did, but he was not used to the way they played. Their speed with the throwing was a lot different than at Boston where he played baseball.

Lizzy saw a group of men talking about Malaga and how it was a poor run-down island. They talked about moving all the people off the island and turning it into a tourist area. The men spotted Lizzy as a different color and how she’s apart of the poor city on Malaga Island. Turner thought that it was a bad idea to change the island. His father told him to go outside where he got in a fight with the deacons son and that forced his dad to give him some discipline, he was sent to Mrs. Cobb’s house to play the organ. Turner received more discipline from Mrs. Cobb after she told his dad about the fight and now he has to read to her and he also has to play the organ to her.

The next morning Turner grabs his bat and glove and runs down to the beach. He shows Lizzy how to catch with the glove and she shows him how to hold the bat. After they were done they looked for clams for her grandpa. Lizzy took Turner over to Malaga Island where he ate dinner. Turner meets Lizzy by the beach every day but one day they decided to climb a cliff. Lizzy slipped and hit a rock and slit her head open; she was awake enough to tell him where to go, but the tides where too strong and pulled them to the ocean. When Turner was about to give up whales started to come up one was so close Turner almost touched it. They made it back home, but Turner was forbidden to go near Malaga Island again. Turner was mad, so he started to walk around the house until his mom told him to go outside, he was running until he was stopped by Mrs. Cobb to play the organ. Mrs. Cobb allows Turner and Lizzy in to her house and Turner plays the organ. Mrs. Cobb tells Turner to never sing again because he sings so bad and they leave they wave to Mrs. Hurd and Turner and Lizzy wave bye to each other.

Mrs. Stonecrop and Reverend Buckminster are talking angrily about the moving of Malaga Island and how to hurry the government up. Lizzy and Turner over hear them talking about building hotels for incoming tourist. Lizzy and Turner continue the same routine for visiting Mrs. Cobb and playing the organ but then one night they thought she was dead, but she wakes up because of them talking and asks for a drink, but when they come back she did die.

On the way back home, Turner and Lizzy hear Mrs. Stonecrop and Reverend Buckminster talking about plans for Mrs. Cobb’s house. But Turner reveals his plans for Mrs. Cobb’s house and what to do with it. Deacon Hurd removes Turners father from the church because of his “behavior” and how impropriate he is as a pastor. They hold a meeting for what should happen to Mrs. Cobb’s house and the next day Turner is helping his mom pack to move. Turner and his mother finish packing, and they moved everything into the house and they joined the church again. After refusing to sell their new house Mrs. Stonecrops business fails after that the town was gossiping and Lizzy got to keep her house and live on Malaga Island.


In the end the bad people lost, the people of color on Malaga Island remained in their homes and Turner lived in Mrs. Cobb’s house with his family. I shows that good does win over evil and prejudice.

My Opinion:

I think this was a very good book it showed how prejudice can cause people to act badly and how good people can win.

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