Analysis Of Book by Luis J. Rodriguez

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

When Luis gets involved in a gang he does some dumb things and eventually realizes his ways and gets out of the gang. The title of the book is Always Running by Luis J. Rodriguez. The book starts of with Luis remembering a day when he is 9 years old and on his way to Union Station with his family. Luis also recounts his participation in a LA gang. He is often misunderstood in English and seeks comfort and protection in gangs. He is also treated very unfairly from the teachers at his high school and says that they favor the whites. Then he later starts to believe in himself and gets out of the gang life and marries Camilla. Just because you join a gang doesn’t mean it will end bad and in my opinion sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

Luis’ life as a gang member isn’t what its out to be. “Luis marries Camilla.” (Pg. 243) This relates because when he marries Camilla, he is no longer part of the gang life and marries the girl he truly loves and has a child. “Let the hate go, Chava, go on and live the life you have left.” (Pg. 238) This relates because Luis is telling Chava to let all the hate for the gang go and just live the rest of your life. This relates to the thesis because life isn’t what you think it is, it has many ups and downs, and you never know where you may end up. Therefore, if you join a gang it doesn’t automatically mean that it will end badly.

Sometimes the people who you think are your friends aren’t really your friends. “One day fellow gang members stop in front of Luis and fire shots at him from point blank range.” (Pg. 140) It relates because if his fellow gang members were really his friends then they wouldn’t shoot at him at all. “Luis sees the police beating a woman and intervenes and is arrested and taken to jail.” (Pg. 144) It relates because the woman he saves from the police beating her doesn’t want to be his friend and never wants to see him again because he is to old for her. It relates to the thesis because the gang members weren’t really his friends and he gets away from his gang life knowing that they weren’t real friends. Therefore, being in a gang doesn’t mean it will end badly.

Luis and his brother are very different and grow apart from each other. “It’s there me and Rano usually play, usually with Luis being hurt.” (Pg. 14) It relates to it because Rano and Luis usually play with Luis being hurt and Rano gets hurt on the streets meaning they are very different. “Rano is 16 and excels at sports, school, and academics.” (Pg. 16) It relates because Luis is involved in a gang and Rano is very different, but it doesn’t end badly for Luis. Therefore, Luis and Rano are very different people.

If you join a gang then it wont necessarily end badly. Life has many ups and downs and its not what you make it out to be. Luis associated himself with his gang friends who he thought were his friends. Luis and Rano are two very different people who grow apart, but Luis eventually comes to his senses and gets his life back on track. I thought this was a great book. In relation to the real world we should learn that gangs are bad and not to find comfort or protection. We also should learn that gangs and drugs don’t always end tragically. The last thing we should learn is that if you believe in yourself you can do great things. When Luis believed in himself he won $250 and a plane ticket to Berkley in a writing contest and is hired by a college professor to paint a mural. He even ends up going to going to college on a grant. All it takes is a little belief in yourself and you will be able to accomplish everything.

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