Analysis Of Baeh And His Friends In A Long Way Gone

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

Baeh, his brother, and their friends escaped from rebel attack and finding places to hide themselves. Beah was thinking about his families whether will be able to see them again. All of them are too quiet and seem like everyone is thinking about their stuffs in the way to an abandoned village. They spend days wandering in searching substantial food, instead of just eating raw cassava or banana. They feel distraught with anxiety and vision blurred without food. Therefore, they had no choice and decide to return Mattru Jong to get some money to buy food.

They saw the terrifying scene when walking back to the town. They walk on the bodies, furniture or clothes that scattered on the verandah. Body part like genitals, limbs and hands had been chopped off by the rebels. Beah feel like vomiting and disgusting. They continue their way to Khalilou’s house fast but yet cautiously. They almost caught by the rebels, but lastly get to avoid from it. Rebels are escorting groups of young women to somewhere. When they arrive Khalilou’s house, the house was torn and there is no food in it. But luckily, Beah found some money and keeping inside his cape secretly.

They planned well to exit the town by crawling among the dead bodies carefully as there are rebels guarding at the wharf. Nearly everyone makes it safety, but someone fell out an aluminium tin and this may get the attention of the rebels. A boy that carrying a big bag of things caught by the rebels as he refuses to leave the bag and running away. They feel happy as they have money to buy some food. Going to the market, and realized that no one is selling food, due to saving it for worse conditions. The money is worthless. They went and stole other’s food while they slept to get through the night.

In my opinion, Baeh and his friends show that they are care about their family and wish to hear from them. The war is horror and terrible, but yet their hunger may be worse than that. I think that they are brave enough and willing to take risk of their life, in order to get some food even it is dangerous. They do not regret of what they had did, and just go for it. The rebels are brutal, as we can clearly see through the description of the scenario, that is bloody body scattered everywhere in Mattru Jong. Besides, the rebels treated the children and women badly as rebels ordered them to do things that they are unwilling to do it. Money is a miracle for them, as the rebels cannot compared to after money.

They seem understand the danger they are in, after they get the attention from the rebels. One of the boy couldn’t escaped from it, because he is to greedy and wish to take more, so he is killed at last by the rebels. In the state of war, money isn’t valuable. Beah couldn’t have right to blame anyone, because everyone has the same responsibility to deal with it. When human meet danger as in the situation in war, they will do something unexpected such as forced to theft other’s food or property in order to survive. This reaction illustrates their adaptability and survival skills. Things might change rapidly in a matter of seconds and no one had any control over anything. Therefore, we should appreciate everything we have and learn from the mistakes.

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