An Assessment of Marley’s Role in Charles Dickens’ Book, a Christmas Carol

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

In The Christmas Carol, Marley’s plan to save Scrooge from eternal torture as a ghost worked due to the fact that he became a kinder person and did more good deeds. The plan, as Marley said, was that Scrooge would be haunted by three ghosts that would teach him a lesson that would help him avoid the same fate as Marley. ” ‘You will be haunted,’ resumed the Ghost, ‘by three spirits.’” pg 25. Marley’s view of business changed after death, but Scrooge’s is the same as before. If it continued that way, then Scrooge would have a chain longer then Marley’s, and would get the same fate as him. The fate was walking the earth watching people suffering but not being able to help. Scrooge does not want the visit of the spirits, but Marley insists they will come. After the ghosts came, Scrooge also became a better person. Scrooge thinks Marley is a figment of his imagination, and nothing more, and probably would of continued his greedy lifestyle.

At first, Scrooge is cruel and greedy, not caring about other people, also saying that Christmas is a humbug. He also didn’t give the two gentlemen who came for charity any money, saying that there are prisons and workhouses that the can go to, rather then begging. ” ‘Many can’t go there; and many would rather die.’ ‘If they would rather die,’ said Scrooge, ‘they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.’” (pg 16) At the beginning, Scrooge was uncaring about the poor, and didn’t care if they died. He also said Christmas was a humbug he and refused to come to Fred’s Christmas party. This was the way he thought before he was haunted by the three spirits.

As the days went on, and more spirits came, Scrooge changes and excepts the message that each one gives, and learns the lesson that each one offers. When the ghost of Christmas past comes, he still thinks everything is a big joke. He thinks the ghost will not come, and doesn’t believe what Marley said. He also refused to learn the lesson at first, but eventually did. “They must have some hidden purpose” (pg 63) When the ghost of Christmas present came, Scrooge expected him and was surprised when he had to go hunt for him. He also learned the lesson more willingly then before, and also did not have to be forced to learn the lesson. When the ghost of Christmas yet to come came, Scrooge knew there was a lesson, and wanted to learn it. At the beginning of the night, he refused to learn the lesson, but at the end, he willingly learns it. Scrooge wants to learn the lesson.

After the visits from the ghosts, Scrooge is happier and laughs, and is more generous. After waking up, he bought a giant turkey for the Crachit family, and then he paid for a cab to take the boy to Bob’s house. He also gave Bob a raise, and “was a second father” (pg 80) for Tiny Tim. He also doesn’t mind people laughing at him, as some people did when the noticed the change in him. He also was kinder to Fred, and came to his party, and gave money to charity, which he would not have done before the spirits came. Scrooge was changed by the spirits, but it was all for good.

As a result of of Marley’s plan, Scrooge became a better person, and was kinder during life. Therefore, Marley’s plan worked because he saved Scrooge from the same fate as him when Scrooge became kinder, instead of being cruel and uncaring. As he changed and became kinder, he also changed his reaction to the spirits. Then, after awaking on Christmas day, he celebrates and is happy. Marley’s plan worked because Scrooge is no longer a selfish pig, but is more generous and caring.


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