Amir and Hassan Relationship

June 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Chapter 8 deal with some of the immediate after effects of Hassan’s attack, although Hassan still completing his daily chores, . his still traumatize of event that took place in the alley, that pain cause Hassan to distance himself from the outside world. However the guilt and disgrace Amir Embrace in his hearth, made Amir isolated from seeing Hassan. At one point in the passage Ali, Hassan father ask Amir about Hassan mood swing, Amir his response was “How should I know what’s wrong with him?

” this phrase proof Amir Hatred toward Hassan is physically powerful , I know hate is a strong word, but by being this cruel to his own friend show’s that Amir dislike Hassan.

One of the passages that made me resent Amir, was when he was going to Jalalabad, east of Kabul highway, Baba mentioning inviting Hassan along to Jalalabad, Amir Lie to Baba about Hassan health. During the van ride to Jalalabad, while everyone is talking about the kite tournament, Amir notices that Rahim Khan is strangely silent.

Soon, Amir is getting carsick. When they arrive in Jalalabad, Amir realizes that although he has what he thought he always wanted, he feels empty. That night, unable to sleep, Amir States, “I watched Hassan get raped,” yet no one hears him, and it is the beginning of his insomnia. Amir realizes that he himself was the monster of Hassan’s dream. To regain his sanity back, Amir hurls pomegranate seed at Hassan; Amir Require some sort of physical punishment in other to feel sane about the even that took place in the alley.

But Hassan is reluctant, perhaps unable to strike back. After countless attempts, Hassan splits a fruit open and breaks it over his own head and then walks home. That show’s Hassan and Amir Relationship have demolished due to Amir negligent and cruelty. However, Chapter 9 in the book Kite Runner brought a new enlightenment in the story, about ,Reading the book just make me dislike Amir, Chapter 9 passage reveals the length Amir, would go to demolish Hassan reputation with his father.

By blaming Hassan for stealing and by calling Hassan a coward, knowing that he was the coward in the passage, ultimately chapter 9 ended with Hassan and his father leaving Baba house. While they was leaving Amir wanted to confess to Hassan and Baba, but his to afraid to do so. I learn a lot from chapter 8 and 9, and now I know how cruel and deviance Amir is toward Hassan, it also bring out a clarification, of how the story will enfold in chapter 10, About Baba and Amir, due to Hassan not being there to distract Amir from winning his father’s heart. .

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