American Political Culture History Essay

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All the six previous presidents of America were rich and well educated except President Andrew Jackson who was elected in 1828. He hailed from a poor background in Carolina. During this time, the American culture was very diverse. The new president had promised to work towards its further improvement. He brought new laws that replaced some of the cultural practices. For instance, a woman would be allowed to own property even after getting married (Bettye 1).

According to Tocqueville, there is great love for money in America. This had grown into an extent that materialism I given top priority in the development of democracy. In any case, democracy can hardly grow without injecting a lot of financial resources into the political system. Art and architecture remained strong pillars in the culture of America. The Hudson River School artists were doing very well during this era.

These artists included Doughty Thomas, John Kensett, Innes George and Cole Thomas. They made several paintings on nature and depicted the beauty of the natural features that were in the United States. They also made designs of most monuments and great buildings in the region (‘American Political Culture’ par.1). Tocqueville refutes journalists by asserting that they are not superb writers. However, they are very influential in their own countries.

In terms of revolution, the seemingly oppressed black people are more likely to be the key players in causing a major social transformation in America. Lack of equity in the socio-political arena has been a major source of discontent among the black Americans for a very long time. Tocqueville is also categorical that there has never been equity between men and women in America in spite of several calls for the same.

The American voters have a unique understanding of those who represent them. The political representatives in various positions are expected to make laws and also safeguard the interests of the same legislative body. There is a lot of trust bestowed on the law making body. This has enhanced democracy. They have also been members of associations that are considered to be democratic (‘A Portrait of America’ 1).

The cultural activities and works were written in books of history, Journals, poetry books and newspapers. Tales were written in books of humor and some of the settlers’ previous activities were also documented in books and other forms of literature. Books that were written during this decade included nature, bible and the Mormon book. It is during this time that America experienced high rates of immigration and migration.

More land was acquired to cater for the rising need. Mississippi that was occupied by Indians was included in the settlement scheme. Mifflin (1) explains that the Indians who had settled there were relocated to the Indian territories. All these activities took place in the year 1831. The roads that had been constructed to facilitate transportation of these people ended in 1838 and covered Illinois, Vandalia and the Ohio and Erie canal. Virgin land was cleared from trees and bushes.

Tocqueville observed that it is not possible to deter people from coming together, celebrating and making certain resolutions. In reference to town governments, Tocqueville noted that the several buildings that make up towns are similar to people. Little control can be exercised against them.

When cotton prices went down due to the concentration on constructing of roads, a period of economic depression came into being. Corn was the only crop that sustained the region before cotton prices stabilized. The advantage that the people had is that the land was still fertile. Hence, corn was harvested in large amounts.

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