American Dream

August 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

Yes America does still provide the American Dream. Most people don’t think the American Dream is still available. Even though America may still provide access to the American Dream through hard work, opportunities, and inalienable rights, we, as people, still need to go out and seek the American Dream. With the American Dream comes hard work. Most of the time, the American Dream does not just fall into one’s hands. Dan Rather gives an example of this by highlighting Delores Kesler’s rise, noting the she “began her career at 22 with a series of dead-end jobs, struggling to make ends meet” (41).

She had to start at the bottom and work her way up to where she is now. Delores Kesler had to work hard to be able to achieve her dream of becoming a self-made millionaire. He also shows the importance of seeking help by telling the story of Curtis G. Alkens Sr., who “believes that he would have disappeared completely if he hadn’t, at 26, finally asked for help” (Rather, 45) had he not done so, he would not be able to read today.

“Collins pursued her dream, joining Air Force ROTC at Syracuse University….Eventually…on NASA” (44)

Rather begins to tell a story on how Eileen Collins had the dream to fly and she just had to work hard enough to achieve her dream. Collins knew she wanted to fly but she did not know how she would be able to do it because she came from a family that did not have much. A lot of people do not understand that in order to succeed the American Dream, one must ask for help, or seek out for help through others. From hard work comes a variety of opportunities to have access to the American Dream. The more opportunities granted to a person, the better chance he or she has to have access to the American Dream. Wayne Ward Ford once said, “I was doing drugs, robbing, breaking into apartments” (Rather 42). Ford was a trouble young man that got the opportunity to accept a football scholarship to change his life around and follow his dream and is now the only black member of the Iowa State Legislature. As recorded by Rather, Shawn Carlson’s dream, founding the Society of Amateur Scientists, was inspired by his grandfather. He stated that Carlson had the opportunity to know “some of the greatest scientists alive today” (43).

Because of his grandfather, he was able to meet a great variety of people. Carlson had the opportunity to get to know others with a Ph.D before he got his. Obama’s father “grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-shack” (Obama, 84). But he didn’t want his children to grow up like he did, so he went on got a scholarship to study in a magical place. Obama’s father wanted his children to have more opportunities than he did. Even though there is opportunities, the American Dream would be nothing if there wasn’t inalienable rights. According to inalienable rights is “a right that can not be taken away, denied, or transferred”. As President Barack Obama stated, “our rights are based on a very simple premise, summed up in a declaration” (Obama, 85). The Declaration of Independence is a document where all man was created to be equal. Based on that document, we have the right to live the American Dream, as long as we go out and seek it. Most people come to America to live the American Dream because inalienable rights are “the true genius of America, a faith of the simple dreams, the insistence on small miracles” (Obama, 85). Without these rights, there will be no American Dream. In conclusion, the American Dream can still be achieved through hard work, opportunities, and inalienable rights. Most people do not believe there is still access to the dream. But what most people do not know is that they need to go out and seek their American Dream.

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