American Dream in Novel “The Great Gatsby” Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

“The Great Gatsby’ repeatedly mentioned dreams. Everyone has an ‘American Dream.’ The ‘American Dream’ refers to a lot of money, has a high status, has a lot of power, and becomes the upper level people. And in this article some people have realized their dreams, and some people have been destroyed because of their dreams.

Gatsby dreamed of being a big man in his head. After some hard work, he finally stepped up and changed his name to Jay Gatsby. When he was in the middle of a military training camp, he fell in love with Daisy.

When he returned from overseas with a military medal, she married a rich Tom, and Gatsby, who was immersed in the dream of love, worked hard and became a millionaire by a poor military officer. He bought a luxury villa at the western end of Long Island, across the bay from Daisy. ‘he stretch out …. I distinguish nothing but a green light’ (Fitzgerald page 16).

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His only wish is to see the lover who has been separated for five years. When they reunite, Gatsby thinks that time can be Back flowing, revisiting old dreams, but over time, he found that he was not like his dreams, but it was not long before he realized that his husband’s mistress was drove, Tom blamed Gatsby, and Gatsby was finally killed. She didn’t come to the funeral.

Nick is the narrative of this article. His dreams began to become rich and independent. Because he started to travel with rich people often, he envied the rich, so he also wanted to become rich.

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He wants to be a person who wants Tom and Gatsby to be a senior social class and wants to be as successful as they are, so he wants to please them and want to benefit from them. But after Gatsby’s death, Tom found that the world of rich people was complicated, scary and dangerous. So he wants to be an ordinary person, and he doesn’t want to become a rich man. He wants to live a meager life and wants to live well. The citation describing his dreams is ‘so we beat the current and return to the past’ (Fitzgerald, p. 140).

Daisy is Tom’s wife and a favorite of Gatsby. Her dream is to marry the rich, let her have the money to spend, and let her have a high status, so she wants to marry a noble. However, Tom is very rich and he is a nobleman. Even if Tom beat her at home, she is not separated from Tom, because Tom can give her what she wants and the life she wants. Tom can let her live a rich life. On the day, he helped her to complete her ‘American Dream,’ so she wouldn’t leave Tom regardless of how Tom did it, which shows that she loves money. Gatsby loves Daisy in the novel, but Gatsby can give something to Daisy without Tom, and after Gatsby dead, Daisy did not attend her funeral, so I decided that Daisy is just love money. Her dream is that anyone who can become a rich person can be desperate.

We need to strike a balance between life and dreams. Because most characters in the novel choose to chase their dreams and they don’t care about reality. That’s why their dreams were completely destroyed. For example, Gatsby died because she loved Daisy to fulfill all her requirements and eventually passed away. Nick is the only person who chooses reality. We can see it from ‘so we beat, fight against the present, and constantly return to the past’ (Fitzgerald, p. 140). We can understand that Nick only thought about the life of ordinary people. We need to control the balance between dreams and reality, not too idealistic.

Everyone has a dream, but the dream is not easy to achieve, and some dreams are not practical. Some people can realize their dreams and ruin themselves because of their dreams. Therefore, if you want to realize your dreams, you must not only work hard, but also balance with reality. Don’t ruin yourself because of some unrealistic dreams. You still have to be practical and do everything seriously.


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