Alexander Hamilton

August 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

Even though Alexander Hamilton was not from the United States originally, and he never achieved anything huge back home, American History would not be the same without him. Hamilton was a man of great power and his overall significance in american history is profound. He was a founding father, a member of congress, and the first secretary of the treasury of the United States under President Washington.

These achievements would lead him to aid in founding the U.S. Mint, which was the first national bank. He participated as an author of The Federalist Papers in the constitution, which is still commonly used today for interpretation of the constitution. Back then, those articles convinced people to support the constitution. There are many instances that, without his clout, there would have been very little change in the world. He knew how to influence people and showcase his points with an appealing technique. Not only that but the story of his own journey from poverty to abundant fortune and success.

Alexander Hamilton is not only with us on our $10 bills, he paved the way for American life. Even today we still feel the aftershock of his impact. His main goal was a strong central government & basically dictatorial presidencies. He used his power and knowledge to encompass political, financial, and legal systems to create the American we know today.

According to the City Journal, Hamilton is The Modern America’s Founding Father. He would solve problems of economic policy and would hammer down a stable economic policy for centuries through his status of Secretary of the Treasury. He cleared a lot of debt in America which was accrued by the war. Without this the economy would have remained tattered. A lot of his decisions ripple through our current government’s choices and the way they enforce things is heavily affected by the constitution, which was Hamilton’s main project. He created an impression on our government that, as long as we still abide by the constitution, will affect our laws and living system.

He led the Federalists against Jefferson which sparked the birth of the need for efficiency in everyday tasks and industrialism, nowadays consumerism is all about efficiency. In today’s society, we revolve around efficiency. We are on a constant wheel of consumerism; always searching for the most efficient product to make the task at hand the least bit of effort for us. He promoted a strong future through industries and knew that relying on this advancement would catch on, His emphasis on manufacturing, infrastructure and finance helped foster independence from Britain not only in a political sense, but also in an economic sense.

Scholars also see Hamilton’s influence in today’s economy. He’s the one who first gave the government a role in the American economy, creating things like a national debt and a national bank ” things that are admittedly controversial but are undoubtedly ingrained in today’s financial system (Pumphrey). As a result of this, America now has the largest economy in the world. He essentially created stocks by allowing people to invest in the newly proposed government. Nowadays, people invest in things all the time, both new ideas and big company stock shares. People will devote time and effort to causes they believe should be popularized. By allowing people to do this, Hamilton gained peoples trust in both himself and his projected government.

He produced such strong ideas of racial equality that it took America a bit of time to put his theories into practice. He took on a strong lead in the anti-slavery movement. For he was one of the only founding fathers who was an immigrant. He came from an island in the West Indies which was plagued by a immense amount of slaves who suffered in silence every day. He was familiar with a life of being shamed because of his unmarried parents. He was determined to not enforce that life onto somebody else.

Who knows where we would be today if Alexander Hamilton had not proposed his revolutionary ideas of eliminating racism and prejudice. Of course, things are not perfect in today’s society, but it was his main goal to abolish slavery and deplete racism as much as possible. Because of his family’s status in the society of his home in the West Indies he was able to associate himself with the despised state of the slaves. He brought these ideas into America and popularized them. Hamilton’s most notable activity regarding his views on slavery was his role in the foundation of the Society for the Promotion of the Manumission of Slaves in New York (Ball). He had been well aware of the suffering of slaves, having lived so closely with them. He put all his might and willpower into getting the slaves to freedom. And that is exactly what he did. Who knows how long slavery would have remained, of course there is still racism today but the actual practice of slavery is entirely outdated and it’s thanks to Hamilton and his persistency in the revolution which freed some slaves.

However, Hamilton has not had an entirely positive impact on America and who we are today. While he was against slavery and racism, he helped propose the Alien and Sedition Acts. He passed these acts behind then president John Adams back, who did not have a chance to review them. These acts aimed to exhaust immigrants rights. This is confusing because he himself was an immigrant. These acts would make it harder for immigrants to get citizenship.These acts also allowed the president to deport and detain enemies. The president at the time never took advantage of this dominance but look where they have gotten us today. The nation split, arguing over human rights. Some want to keep America free of immigrants even though the earliest colonizers were immigrants.

While others think that this is simply human rights and we should not force anyone to live in poverty or danger. The nation is divided over issues that aroused over 200 years ago. The acts became laws even though they directly contradicted the first amendment. This cast a dark cloud over the nation that has yet to clear. Alexander Hamilton while admiring the nation and making the constitution his baby has the premonition of a poisoned chalice.

It seems to be a common theme that he knows how to get into the minds of Americans and make them feel protected if they follow his lead. The people have strong faith in his decisions, he comes off as a hard working and dedicated man. Based off the choices he has made and the things he has gone so far to support, people see his devotion. In their eyes, he always seems to be spewing something brilliant. From the moment he came to the Colonies, he has had power and knowledge. Today, we see the impacts of what his work had accomplished. It may not all be positive, not everyone may agree, and it may spark some protesting but he did impact the world we have today. His efforts have shaped the way we live and how we function in society. He may have not been completely successful but he touched on many things in his lifetime.

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