Advertising, Story Telling and Branding Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer


Companies talk to us all day, every time you purchase a new thing is because someone has told you to. You might not know who did, but your brain subconsciously remembers certain information that later uses to make a decision.

There is where the power of advertising, story telling and branding comes. Brands are using these tools to communicate with us, to give us information and to make decisions. These concepts are very complex and often developing. Along this course work we are going to dive in what do those concepts mean and how do brands implement them in an efficient way in order to give us information.



With all the development that has been around advertising, the word must has had a lot of different definitions. But nowadays, according to Cambridge Dictionary the definition of advertising is: Advertising is the business of trying to persuade people to buy a certain product or a certain service.

It can be discussed if it is a business or an art but the common factor is the persuasion involved in order to try and influence the decision of another human being.

The evolution of Advertising

Branded advertisement started in the 19th Century. It was in a printed format and very basic formant. The ad just showed you the product, told you With all the development that has been around advertising, the word must has had a lot what the product did, where could you get the product and how much does the product cost.

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Then the so cold “Golden Age of Advertising came. With new elements like the radio and the TV advertising was starting to change into something more targeted and personalized. Ad Agencies started to realize that placing the right ad on the right show paid off really well. An example of this are the “Soap Operas”, this name originated from soap companies advertising their products on radio dramas.

It was not until 1941 when the first TV commercial appeared from a company named Bulova Watches. The ad cost 9.00$ and it was just a map of America with the logo of Bulova and a voice that said “America runs on Bulova time”.

Then in the 1960s a revolution in this industry happened, psychologist got involved and luminaries of Madison Avenue like William Bernbach, David Ogibly and Mary Wells Lawrence changed the way advertising was conceived. Ads removed a lot of the attention from the product and placed it on the emotions that those products could potentially produce. For example if they were to advertise and ice cream, they would show the product and show the emotions that is linked to the product, in the case of ice cream it can be possible to link it with pleasure, cars with happiness and watches with loyalty.

The success of this advertising technique relies in that advertisers know what we truly want, we not only want the product, but we also want to feel a certain way and they tried to show that buying the product was the solution.

Today’s Advertisment

With the rise of Internet and Social Media, advertising has changed forever, back in the 1960s advertising was working great, but it slowly started to get old and invasive. At the same time more and more people were shifting their attention to their mobile phone because of Social Media instead of the watching TV.

Brands had to find a way to keep being viewed by people so they had to start advertising on social media. That is why nowadays we can fin companies advertising their products on YouTube before a video, on Instagram scrolling down your feed or on Facebook before playing a game.

But this is not the only way they are advertising them selves. The most effective way nowadays is producing quality that provides value to the costumers. For example, Go Pro Inc. not only promotes their products on Social Media by paying but also they upload quality content that they customers enjoy watching. And although a lot has changed since the 1960s the principle of linking with products and emotions is still very efficient, that is why some companies like Nike or Adidas promote their products by raising awareness in controversial topics like feminism or politics.

To gather these ideas we can say that today’s advertisement works in a way where you have to provide value to the customer, engage with them and elaborate quality content and efficient strategies.

Story Telling

What do you need for Story Telling.

Story telling has a lot of importance regarding to advertisement. Telling a story means communication, if you do not tell a story you are not communicating well, so the ad would not be as efficient as desired.

There are infinite ways to tell a story. But there are some elements that are some key elements that are essential in order for a story to be told. The first element is the audience, you need someone to tell the story to. They are going to receive the message so you have to create an impact on the. Another essential element is the message, the message contains the story. It can be anything, from photo to video or from a billboard to a flyer, but it needs to attract you audience and impact them.

Also another key element is the channel, it is through where the story is going to be told. Nowadays the most efficient channel is Social Media, but to really have an impact, brands have to spread their messaged through the culture, fashion, music and politics are great channels to communicate and create an impact.

To summarize these concepts, the key elements for story telling are an audience that is going to receive the message, the message that contains the story that you want to tell, and a channel of communication so it spreads and it reaches the right people.

How to tell a story.

Telling a story can be organized into seven steps that a company can follow in order to better their advertisement.

  • The first one would be to identify your customer, they are going to be the audience, there is no point of sending a message to the wrong audience so it is crucial that the customers are identified correctly.
  • The second step is to determine what problem do you solve for them, you need to provide value to them, and one method is to solve their problem.
  • Third step is to understand why does the customer want that problem solved, because if you know their needs you can provide the solution.
  • The fourth step is to become a guide and help to solve their problems, that is the way they are going to trust you and hear you.
  • The fifth step is to create a clear message and communicate how you can solve those problems, the customers need to understand that you can solve those problems and how you are going to do that.
  • The sixth step is to take that message and spread it to all marketing material, so it creates awareness and connection through the brand. And the seventh step would be to do it all over again.


What is branding

Branding can be defined as a concept used to be distinctive in the market, it is often associated with design and vision of a company or person. If it is associated with a company the brand is the identity of the company, what they stand for. In an abstract way the branding of a company is the soul of the company, is the feeling customers have when they hear the name of a company, is the message that they spread and the vision they have. Branding goes beyond design, it is the sum of all the components and experiences that are generated in all of their points of contact.

Creating a brand is often what it is more difficult for companies to develop, and the prices for it confirms it. A Company’s name development sells at a price of 15.000$-17.000$. The brand story/positioning costs around 35.000$-80.000$ and the logo and visual identity around 20.000$-75.000$.

Branding can be defined in a lot of ways but one that sums it up really well is that your brand is your promise to your customer.

How to make a brand.

Making a brand is creating an identity so it is not an easy thing to do. But there are some requirements and techniques that can be implemented very efficiently in order to grow a brand organically.

The corporate logos and visual identity is one of them. A logo is just a part of the visual identity of a brand. The visual identity of a brand is compose by a number of things, the color scheme that the brand uses, the types and styles of fonts, type of composition, of story telling and a number of other elements that relate to visual representation, but visual identity is jus a part of the whole brand.

What is really important in order to build a brand is before that before starting with the visual representation of it there is the need of a previous analysis of the company. This analysis includes the surroundings, the values, the products or services, the customers and the competitors.

Once the analysis is done and the corporate identity is designed, the next step is to apply consistency of if across all platforms and products. If we take Apple Inc. as an example, we can see that the same pattern of designs spreads across all their platforms, their website design match with their products designs.

Being consistent with your brand will eventually create a community that relate with your message and your product. That is why branding is so powerful.

Benefits of branding

In a world where is so much noise from all places, a great way to stand out if to have a great branding. Also a great branding will help you win over your competitors, with a great branding a company is most likely to be perceived as the best option to choose. For example, a lot of people agree that Apple Inc. Iphones are no the best mobile phones in the market but still Apple’s branding makes you think that you are buying a unique piece of technology that you can not fin anywhere else rather than an Apple Store.

The branding of the company speaks for its self, portrays an image that the company desires and gives power over the competitors. A good branding is the best way to grow because it is a special connection that the company has with the customers, and that is why it should never be take it for granted.


Communication for companies is something that is essential for companies. Is their way to talk to the people and Advertising, Story Telling and Branding are ways that companies use to share information with their customers.

An ad will talk to the customers about a new product but the branding of a company will tell if the perception of the company is good or bad. So it is not only a way for companies to communicate with their customers, but also a way for their customers to communicate with the company.

After analysing these concepts we have seen how powerful they are and how they never have to be take it for granted but instead use them enhance the communication between companies in customers in order to create a healthy environment where everyone meets their needs.


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