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In his speech, Adolf Hitler makes it very clear that it is not sufficient to develop only art. The type of art has to offer a theme that creates a transformation in the society1.

Hitler asks artists to conform to what his outlook on art is since it is his belief that he has an absolute right basing on his significant participation in restoring German art. He gives a reason that the present Germany is a result of the efforts of himself and partners in the nation’s struggle which offered art in Germany fresh incentives as well as environment for a better and prosperous development.

The Bolshevik art collectors and other literary accomplices played a role in art. However, they should not be credited for laying a base for fresh artistry or further development apparent in Germany. Those were statements made by Hitler.He asserts that him and his friends should be credited with developing the nation and have gone ahead to give large amounts of money as incentives for the development of art. Hitler makes an undertaking to completely change the way art is viewed in Germany.

He vows to alter phrases commonly known in Germany’s art that cannot be understood and are acceptable by only big elucidations for their utility. He says that such art will never be imposed on the people of Germany.

Hitler asserts that more interest has to be on the artist’s ability rather than an artist’s presumed intention. Any artist who wishes to have his art exhibited in German museums has to show ability. Intention is a thing which is automatically evident. He claims that some artists have attempted to develop a more palatable form of art by portraying them as manifestations of a fresh age. However, it is Hitler’s concern that it is not art which develops a fresher age.

Nonetheless, it is the general life of individuals which develops itself afresh and hence regularly attempts to portray itself in a new way. Hitler also does not support the view that art which was exhibited many years ago should still be exhibited in the new age. His reason is that it is improper for art to go way back from the stage of development that the society already finds itself in. Art has to be used as a symbol of the importance of development already reached in life.

Hitler’s ideas are that art has to begin incorporating the beauty of life as it is. He vilifies the nature of art which only focuses on the bad things that occur in life such as deformed people, ugly creatures, and the unfortunate things in life. He makes an allusion to the strong people seen in Olympics today as the new age of art that artists need to really focus on.

Making judgment upon some of the art exhibited, Hitler amusingly notes that there are artists who only see the structures of German people through decayed cretins alone and see colors in different dimensions and wish to claim that it is the only way they can interpret art.

In vindicating himself from any criticism, Hitler claims that this idea is to prevent such unfortunate circumstances. He claims to help artists who appear to suffer from a defect in their sense of vision and come up with their version of art and impose on modern people the results of their wrong perceptions as art. Since art is meant for the people, then art has to conform to the wishes of the people who consume the art and not the wishes of the artist. Whether Hitler’s views are acceptable is only for the reader to decide, but he clearly offered his take on what German art ought to be.


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1. German History in Documents and Images, Hitler’s Speech at the Opening of the House of German Art in Munich, GHDT, 7, (1937): 1.

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