Activated Charcoal: An Effective Teeth Whitener

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

At the mention of activated coal products, what comes in your mind is a product used for the face. We know that activated coal is used for treating facial issues like removal of black specks, white specks, and acne. But the application of activated coal is not only for the face. There are other uses of it in your home such as neutralizing poisoning in the body due to its medicinal contents and for dental whitening too.

How is Activated Charcoal Made

Activated coal is another most beneficial natural substance gotten from burnt shells of coconut, pits of olive, and majorly items gotten out of nature’s gift. After it is burnt, it goes through the process of oxidation thereby making the substances have a spongy touch. This is an effective teeth whitener that clarifies the dental enamel from colors that come from foods we eat, this blemishes become permanent or oil-soluble making it hard to eliminate from the dental enamel. Activated coal, with its absorbable texture, penetrates the dental enamel, eliminates blemishes, and brings out its true white color. Nevertheless, your tooth-paste is needed to clean up any residue of the activated coal in your mouth so that you don’t scare people away. Do you know it can be used to treat bad breath as well?

Importance Of Activated Charcoal To Your Teeth

It is an accessible item anywhere in the world compared to some products that may be high on the price and still inaccessible. Every item required for whiter teeth is easy to find. Such as two toothbrushes, a small container of activated carbon and water are the required items. Brush as you would with the activated coal normally, rinse afterward, then brush with your toothbrush and tooth-paste. According to Dr. Joseph Nemeth, a periodontist stated it is an activated one that is processed has more actual activity. They are differently used in water filter cosmetic applications which have become a trend It can be used as a tooth-paste or a powder that you can mix with your normal tooth-paste. It can be used as a capsule when crushed. Most products come with their brushes so that you don’t have to stain your regular toothbrush. Activated coal also has to be used minimally so as to prevent corrosiveness of the tooth, avoidance of teeth gnashing. Excessive use of activated coal may lead to irritation of the gum, irritation of the gum tissue, it can stain your clothes if not properly used, especially when you are not careful enough. There are no long term studies that result in the whitening of the teeth through activated coal. Notwithstanding, moderation is the key to its usage, it should be done occasionally which will not be bad at all.

As long as you use occasionally, you will get white teeth. It doesn’t give a permanent outcome like the other medications dentist gives their patients. Activated coal is a harmless product for your mouth, it balances the PH of the mouth, it removes oil stains, gum disease, plaque as well as bad breath. It is affordable, accessible, and effective. Children should not use this so as to avoid being swallowed in large quantities. Kids who are to use this substance due to some mouth issues would have to get a dentist’s permission before usage. Conclusion If you are a lover of natural products and you are trying to avoid chemical effects in your body; then activated carbon is an easy way to get a white set of teeth, you just have to use it occasionally. It does not disappoint anytime it is been used.


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