Accommodating Change In The Book Who Moved My Cheese

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Carlos said, “I guess we resist changing because we are afraid of change.” (Johnson, 1998). But what is change and why does the mere thought of it cause goosebumps to suddenly appear out of nowhere and why does it make our hearts beat to a faster tune? Well according to an online dictionary, change is an act or process through which something becomes different. (Dictionary, 2019) Life is full of surprises at every turn and barely any plan goes accordingly. So how do we make the best of a seemingly bad situation and end up seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Because at the end of the day, the only constant thing in our lives is change.

Sometimes, we let our seemingly “powerful” human beliefs and emotions guide us and let them determine the way we understand things. We let our perception of things rule us as opposed to just sitting back and looking at things with the eyes of a child. This is why accommodating change is so difficult for many people. People want to hold on steadfastly to what they believe in, they want to jealously guard their beliefs and their hearts but little do they know that they are only limiting their selves and their progress. The fear of the unknown is what makes the incredibly hesitant to embrace change. The world has so much to offer and one can only take advantage of that by adapting to every situation that one is presented with. If one tries to run away or ignore the challenge of change, one only denies themselves the opportunity to learn and to grow.

Usually, change does not just occur overnight. It is a gradual process that many fail to perceive until it is too late to do anything about it. In the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” Scurry and Sniff were very perceptive about their environment and thus when they arrived at Cheese Station C one morning and discovered that there was no cheese, they were not caught by surprise. They knew what their next course of action ought to be. However, the same could not be said for Hem and Haw. They were both so caught up living in the moment that they forgot to expect the unexpected to happen and because of that, they were not prepared to accommodate the change. In life, when a change occurs, one is left with only two options. One either embraces the change or gets swept away by the change. There are several ways by which one can manage change.

Firstly, one has to acknowledge the fact that there is no way that change can be avoided and the more one fights it, the tougher one’s life becomes. One of the ways to accommodate change is not by learning to like what is happening but by forming new expectations that could ultimately lead to success given the new circumstances. If the change happens to be good, then accept it with grace and humility and if it happens to be bad, embrace it until an alternative can be found.

Another important point to note is that one does not have to deal with change all alone. Family, friends and support groups are always there to show their love and support but one has to make that conscious decision to willingly swallow their pride, reach out and ask for help. (Goldsmith, 2016) Then and only then would one be able to get the help they need to adapt to the change.

In conclusion, no one ever gets it right on the first trial. As a matter of fact, if we can all be honest with ourselves, no one is expected to get it right the first time. In life, there will be very few people like Scurry and Sniff and more people like Haw and Hem but that is okay. Not everyone can be perceptive enough to detect a change before it is too late and neither can everyone be fast enough to adapt to a change but everyone can strive to be more like Haw and less like Hem. Where the problem lies is not in failing to realize that the change was occurring but in choosing to remain in denial and thereby refusing to accommodate the change which is exactly what Hem did. There is no way to escape the impact that change can bring into your life. The only key to living a life where one is not only surviving but thriving is by learning to manage change. (Sandford, 2019)


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