Abraham Lincoln’s Thoughts in American History Essay

August 17, 2021 by Essay Writer


Abraham Lincoln gave a speech in the year 1858 in which he expressed his concern over divisions that were becoming clear in the US society. He noted that both the Union and the Congress were divided along a deep conflict that threatened any form of success. This paper seeks to explore Lincoln’s thoughts of a divided society with respect to the American history.

Economic Differences

As industries were established in America in the first half of the nineteenth century, there was a level of imbalance in the distribution leading to economic difference in different regions of America. The industrial revolution that was influenced from Europe only concentrated its establishment in the north thereby isolating other regions such as the South and the Western regions. The people in North America were thus economically empowered.

Migrations to the western parts together with legislations that reduced prices for federal lands also enhanced the level of agricultural and industrial developments in the western regions. No history is however available over any initiated development that could enhance economic status of the southern region. There was therefore a significant economic difference in the three regions. The north and the western regions were aided into economic stability though through different approaches while the south was isolated.

Evolving political trends throughout the union

Similar to the economic trend that exhibited a level of difference along regional lines, politics appeared to take shape along regions. People from the north seemed to have different political ideologies from the southern people. The differences in political views were for example evident in the year 1844 when in response to fears over the British governance system the southerners collectively expressed concerns over Texas while people from the western region had their interest in Oregon.

Political differences were again witnessed along regional lines in the year 1849 following the application by California to be included in the Union. The south jointly opposed the move while north on the contrary supported it. Political trend also revealed the Union’s major parties, republicans and democrats, to be regionally based with democrats being strong in the south. The Union was also therefore politically divided along regional lines.

Religious and social reform movements

Social reform movements also registered a level of differences as a variety of different opinions were occasionally presented to the society, some of which enlisted violent reactions. Some of the differences in social movements were in the concept of individualism. While Emerson Waldo who celebrated and championed for individualism moved to influence writers into it, Nathaniel and Herman criticized excessive individualism. There were also significant differences along religious beliefs in the union.

While evangelicals were campaigning against slavery on the basis of Christian beliefs, slave owners in the slavery manifested south were using biblical teaching to defend and promote slavery. Other differences in religious beliefs were spearheaded by different people such as Shakers, Brisbane, and Humphrey among others.

Slavery and its influence on political decisions at the federal level

The issue of slavery had its potential influence over political decisions at the federal level. One of the significant influences was president Whigs’ decision to denounce the war against Mexico in the year 1846. His decision was influenced by his opinion that the war was meant to promote slavery which he opposed. The history of America was thus characterized by a high level of differences in different aspects of life.

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