About Abigailr’s intentions

April 28, 2020 by Essay Writer

Girls were running in circles screaming and yelling throwing thing they have captured into a fire they had made to talk to the devil yelling names of men and dancing.

Differences from the movie and play are different because in the movie Abigail bit and drank chicken blood when all the girls where in a circle and Abigail danced naked as in the play it did not talk about how Abigail drank blood or ran in circles naked, her uncle then saw and heard something suspicious and went to go see what was going on and he had saw all the girls dancing and laughing in circles and he had saw Abigail was naked and then the girls ran off screaming.

Later in the movie when John Proctor was getting his horse outside behind a house Abigail had come over to talk to john proctor Abigailr’s intentions were to kiss him and touch him and she wanted him to kiss and touch Abigail back but as Abigail went and kissed john proctor he pushed Abigail away and told her he’s in love with his wife that he has no place for Abigail as in the play john proctor and Abigail did not kiss and did not touch each other as they did in the movie.

Later in the movie when they were having their witch trials Abigail and the group of girls were more very over dramatic about things that she made up to try and accuse the person of being a witch like when she had said that mary warren was making the devil talk to her and after everything mary said they repeated as in the play Abigail and the girls weren’t so dramatic when they were in the witch trials and did not repeat everything mary said.

Tituba was a girl who was laughing and dancing with the girls she was the main one who started the whole thing with the fire and dancing she was the one was was bringing the spirits out and talking to the devil the difference between the movie and play is that tituba was whipped for talking to the devil and because of that little girls were sick and wouldn’t wake up and in the play she was not whipped for the things she done.

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