A Video Analysis Of Race And Diversity

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

Race/Diversity Video Reflection

White Like me

This video was very shocking to me. After hearing the racist slurs, I knew that this video was not going to be censored at all. However, I did know that it more than likely showcased the truth on such issues. Griffin was trying to understand racism by subjecting himself. The video claimed instead of asking what its like to be black, we should ask what its like to be white. It states that when one is part of a dominant group, such as whites are, they don’t really spend much time wondering what its like to be white. However, when one is part of a minority group, this is just the opposite. This made me reflect heavily, because I know this feeling. Many individuals in the video could not specify exactly what it is like to be white. African American women were compared to white American women. It claimed that that African American women are more likely to die and have complicated pregnancies compared to white women under the same conditions. This is due to the limited access to quality health care. This video shows how racism is still prevailing in our world today.

A Class Divided

This video also discussed about racism in the world today. It begins with discussing the assassination of Martin Luther King. Talking about racism is infective and needs to be discussed in a more concrete way. The teacher in this class separated the students into two categories to test theories of racism. One group consisted of brown eyes and the other group included all other color eyes. The brown eyes group were constantly put down. The teacher told the children that this group cannot be trusted and so forth. She taught them about discrimination. The blue and green-eyed group started to harass and oppress those with brown eyes in real life. This shows how once one group puts down another group, it spreads, and others continue it as well. This is exactly what happens in real life. This is exactly how racism works in reality as well. We are all equal, but most people do not see that. The teachers approach to this issue was very intelligent, she showed how racism spreads and how these groups are oppressed. This is shown in the privilege that blue eyed individuals had over brown. They were allowed to drink from the fountain and have recess, whereas, the brown eyed people were not allowed.

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