A Theme Of relationships in Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Series of Tragedy in “The Notebook”

“The Notebook”, written by Nicolas Sparks, is a controversial novel, which relates the romance between Allie and Noah. These two main characters remember their memories when the latter reads the notebook which is about their love stories to the former. Someone may think that it is an achingly fragment story about the enduring power of love and the achieved dreams because in the end Allie loses her memories. However, it may be clear that Noah and Allie’s love can overcome difficulties, and almost in every situation such as even though Allie is prevented from loving Noah by her family, they are still married and live together. Nonetheless, “The Notebook” is a sorrowful novel evident if one examines secondary characters, writing techniques, and health issues.

Yet, some state “The Notebook” has a happy ending. They claim the novel is positive because no matter how difficult to find each other for many years, and even Allie has to decide between Noah and Lon; the latter and the former still married, and have four children as contribution for the world. Also, in terms of health issues, Noah and Allie has lived together for forty-nine year which is a long time showing and enduring successful. In addition, Noah is unafraid to face the death, and has pictures of his family to remain the memories. Next, writing techniques must be discussed to reveal there is no tragedy in the novel. For instance, day and night symbolizes the good of time of Noah and Allie to be always connected. Meanwhile, one suggests that letters, and the notebook they wrote together are the great examples showing how close and joyful the couple lives together. They love and share every moment into these words to remind the other, which made their memories exist forever. Also, the painting, made by Allie, given to Noah is another example that one should examines. Every time, Noah looks at the painting, he feels alive when he touches it. In addition, concerning secondary characters, Dr. Barnwell is an instance. He loves his job, especially taking care of elder people even though he does not see his family much. Also, Lon is the second example, who is lucky not to marry someone; specifically Allie was not his own soul mate. In other words, there are many fishes in the sea; Lon is a perfect man looking for a right woman for his life. In addition, he does not have to endure Allie’s Alzheimer. Ultimately, the miracle comes to the couple in the end when Allies remembers Noah, and they make love. Apparently, she is healed, and god is fair to give Noah his soul mate back. To summarizes, these arguments seem reasonable and convincing.

Still, these ideas can be proven to be unreasonable if one considers secondary characters. First, Dr. Barnwell is an example to reveal the novel is clearly sorrowful evident, if once discusses in terms of his situation. In chapter “Winter for Two”, the doctor said to Noah that he has no choice, but this makes […] the choice will be made for him (174).Indeed, He spends whole time staying the hospital, and does not have time for family. In addition, Lon is Allie’s ex fiancé, who is handsome and talent. From Lon also show the tragedy when one examines the relationship between Allie and him. In chapter “The Courtroom”, Lon requests to postpone the trial to Monday in order to drive to New Barn, and find Allie. When his offer is accepted, Mr.Bates says “Mr.Hammond has never mad […] important to him” (130). This is one of the rare times that Lon wants to postpone the trial even though he may lose his license as well, so the purpose should be really important to him according to Mr. Bates’s statement. Indeed, Lon worries about Allie a lot. However, he tries to persuade Allies to change her mind, but finally he is a heartbroken. He loses the girl who is almost in his hand, the one that he loves the most. Furthermore, one of the most pessimistic things for elder people is witnessing their children die before them. Also, Allie and Noah is not an exception. They lose a son when he is four years old, which is another reason to claim that “The Notebook” is full of negative. Indeed, there is no reason to think that “The Notebook” is not a tragedy.

Next literacy devices should be discussed to reveal “The Notebook” is sorrowful. In the chapter “An Unexpected Visitor”, when Noah and Allie feed Clem, and they check the window together in order to make sure it was not be damaged by the storm, they see two pine trees[are blown over] (131). Two pine trees had been blown down by the storm appear in front of them, which symbolizes the couple’s love is about to be over. Moreover, in chapter “Winter for Two” also exist tragedy is when Noah read the poem written by Walt Whitman: “Not until the sun excludes you do I exclude you, Not till the waters refuse to glisten for you and the leaves to rustle for you, do my” (157).From the poem, Whitman used sun, water, and leaves which can damage human which represent the death. In addition, the poem also convey a message which is time can destroy everything even memories and loves. Furthermore, in another Whitman’s poem there are two symbols which are the day and night. They are two phenomenon which never can appear at a same time, signifies Noah and Allie never can really be together. Indeed, because of Allie’s illness, they have no longer sleep on the same bed. Eventually, the couple just have lived for 49 years which is not quite the golden anniversary (or 50th), is symbolizes something is missing, and they are not successful as they would like to be. Clearly, these arguments support “The Notebook” is a tragedy seem credible.

Lastly, one cannot forget to examine health issues. In fact, there are full of sickness where death is about to come. Also in chapter “Winter for Two”, when Noah and Allie have dinner, she does not remember him, and says, “who are you? […] she says the most heart breaking words of all.”(192). Indeed, Alzheimer occurs and washes all Allie’s memories including her personal background, her basic privacy and her lover, Noah. Meanwhile, Noah is depressed and painful because his lover forgets him, and he has to stay apart from Allie and cries in the corner of the room. Moreover, not only Allie has sickness but also Noah has some terrible diseases. Clearly the last chapter, he says: “I lost my sight, and I heard what […] in my last remaining moments of consciousness.”(197). He has heart attacks, cancers, and stokes which sometimes hurt and damage his weak boy. Also, he feels his legs, hands and even his body are trend to death. Due to Noah’s snore they have slept in separate rooms for the first forty-five year, which makes Noah feels depressed. Therefore, it is no doubt to claim that “The Notebook” is full of hopelessness.

In conclusion, “The Notebook” is a tragedy or not is a hot topic to be discussed. Although, someone may think it is not a hopeless novel because some reasons such as Allie and Noah’s successfulness, and their miracle of love. However, “The Notebook” also exist sorrowfulness evident if one examines in terms of literacy devices, heath issues, and secondary characters. First, one can examine “the 49th anniversary” and the poem written by Whitman, are two examples of Nicolas Sparks’s writing techniques, reveal negative in the novel. Moreover, secondary characters also show the tragic in “The Notebook” such as Dr. Barnwell and Lon especially their situations. Furthermore, regarding health issues, even though the couple are still married, and live together, but Allie’s Alzheimer is the most tragic detail in “The Notebook”. Also, Noah has heart attacks, cancers, and even strokes when he gets older. Eventually, the miracles when Allie can remember Noah in the end, and they make love, is claimed as positive, however this moment only exist for a few minutes, then the latter will forget the former again. In other words, “The Notebook” is a pessimistic novel regarding these above arguments.

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