A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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The story of the play A Streetcar named Desire focuses on love. The research centers on Blanche DuBois’ lies. The research includes determining why Blanche DuBois lied.

The street car named desire shows, in a certain sense, Blanche is a liar. In a sense, Blanche is a liar. Blanche DuBois gave several lies to hide her true situation in life. Blanche DuBois never stated that she is a drunkard. Likewise, Blanche DuBois hid under a life of delusions of grandeur (Williams 79).

As a girl wanting love, Blanche DuBois would lie in order to make herself attractive to male suitors (Williams 40). The lies included creating a false historical life of Blanche DuBois. Just like the women of today’s generation, most women would go to the extent of hiding their unfavorable past in order to attract the male members of the community.

Normally, women would hide their past love failures from their current suitors (Shea 17). Likewise, Blanche DuBois lied about her school job (Williams 81). She falsely stated that her school administrators had allowed her to have a vacation in order to calm her nerves. In reality, Blanche DuBois had been fired from her teaching job. She was fired for having sexual relations with her 17 year old student.

Having sexual relations with students is banned in schools. One of the school policies is for teachers to responsibly take their roles as the students’ second parents. Blanche DuBois hid her teaching past to prevent hurting her sister Stella from the humiliation of having a sister fired from her teaching job.

Blanche DuBois also lied by not telling about her failed marriage. Blanche DuBois was married to Allan Grey. Their marriage finally failed when she uncovered her husband had a homosexual affair. She did not tell the truth that her husband, Allan Grey, committed suicide (Williams 76). Everyone deserves another chance.

Blanche DuBois travelled to her sister Stella’s home in order to bury her unfavorable marriage behind. In addition, Blanche DuBois created a world of lies. Blanche DuBois did not tell the truth by creating a world filled with fantasies and illusions (Williams 132). The fantasies and illusions crept into and became part of Blanche DuBois’ real life environment.

After Stanley uncovers Blanche DuBois’ lies, Stanley forces her out of their home in order to avoid bringing shame to the Stella household. Refusing to leave Stella’s home, Stanley rapes Blanche DuBois and calls the mental hospital to extract Blanche DuBois from the Stella household and treat her in the community’s mental hospital. The husband of Blanche’s sister, Stanley, uncovers her true secrets (Williams 79).

Stanley uncovers Blanche’s lies when Stanley’s friend brings news to Stanley about Blanche DuBois’ true life in Laurel. Laurel is the hometown of Blanche DuBois. Consequently, the uncovered lies infuriated Stanley.

The discovery of the lies discourages everyone. Stanley’s reporting to his best friend, Mitchell, the new discovery of Blanche DuBois’ prior unfavorable character in Blanche DuBois’ Laurel community discourages Mitchell. After hearing Stanley’s report about Blanche Dubois’ unfavorable past, Mitchell immediately drops his prior marriage promise to Blanche DuBois (Williams 73).

Based on the above discussion, the story of the play A Streetcar named Desire centers on love in general. The lies of Blanche DuBois were concocted to win male suitors. The research centers on Blanche DuBois’ past Laurel life creeping into Blanche DuBois’ current community life. Indeed, the play Streetcar named Desire shows Blanche DuBois lies to win male suitors.

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