A Room of One’s Own:The 100 Best Nonfiction Books: No 45

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

A room of one’s ownIntroduction In 1928 Virginia Woolf was invited by a college to deliver lecturers. She delivered lecturer on the issue of women and fiction. She expended her lecturers and revised them into an essay ‘A Room Of One’s Own’ which was printed in 1929. In ths essay she is speaking through a fictional narrator which is ‘Marry Beton’.Major points:She says that women must have room of her own, in which she can live freely without any kind of fear and without obeying any order.In this essay Marry was not allowed to walk on grass in the university campus and was interrupted by university guard.

Through this point Woolf tried to show that how this patrihearcial society behave with women. Marry was even denied to enter in the library of university. Then she visited the british Museum, and try to understand more about her past days at women’s college and Men’s University and she end up knowin they were so different. She tried to get information about women. Surprisingly she got many books to consult. She discover that most of these books were written by angry men, she was unable to find and useful thing abut women. Then she checked some history books in her shelf. She end up finding that no one has ener bothered to write any history about women. She tried to tells the story about Shakespear’s ‘Judith’, who was very genius like Shakespear but she did not have any opportunity.

Actually she tries to show an image of male dominated society. This society provide every possible opportunity to men but they ignore the legal rights of women. We see a women in doutful eyes if she is out of the boundry of house. For example if a boy came late at night in home and he says that i was studying with my friends, then his father would beleive his words. But is same is the case with girl then no one will beleive her even if she is saying truth.Then she tells about actual writers for example Jane Austen’s every book was ruined by the bitterness and anger of male writers. She ends up telling that maybe genius work of literature need to be gender neutral, each person would have a male and a femal in her/his mind.

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