A Role Of Love in a Midsummer Night’s Dream

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

A midsummer Night’s dream is based on the premise that the course within which romantic love runs is not meant to be smooth. There are meant to be hurdles and challenges but if there is real love then it will prevail in the end. Shakespeare uses examples of how people fall in love sporadically with people that they tend to find attractive at one point conversely once the love fades away, the same people that seem so attractive become completely repellant and once can hardly be able to pick the one thing that made them fall in love in the first place. The play based on the lives of four different Athenians, who struggle to understand the concept of love, at the end conclude that marriage is the complete romantic fulfillment of love and all loves stories should end in such; happiness.

The play starts with Eges, forcing his daughter to get married to a man of his choice. This she refuses because she is not in love with him, but instead has her eyes set on another man. Love in this case plays a major role in determining the person with whom the characters will spend the rest of their lives with. Thesueus and Hippolyta show a mature love that is based on understanding and sacrifice. In this case, love plays role of bringing about stability in their lives. They have a co-dependent pattern that they have established and works properly when they both play their roles accordingly. The demonstrate that love can play the role of allowing peace and tranquility to flourish in the daily lives of the people.

On the other hand there is a contrasting couple that has a lot of arguments and squabbles in their relationship. Oberon and Titania’s love plays the role of bringing them together but at times there is a lot of negative impact on their lives to their relationship. Even though they are faced with these challenges, they still find a way of making their love to stay alive.

The play written in a time when fairy tale weddings including the royal families was a highlight, the love between a Queen and an ordinary man whom she marries is rather odd. The queen is supposed to get married to a person of a royal family as well, a gentleman who will be able to easily take up the role of a King and accord it the necessary seriousness it requires. On contrary, the queen marries a man that is not of her statue and they are believed that they will live happily ever after especially after their wedding. Love in this case plays the role of uniting people from different social classes and statue to become. Love is not defines by class but by what individuals feel. On contrary, love plays the role of making the actors to be irrational and crazy, to run in the bush in search of each other. Love has the power in this case to make turn a sane person mad with passion.

In the 1001 Arabian dream, love is portrayed as a game of vengeance, trickery, heartbreaks and constant learning. This is especially because the King, called Shahryar, finds out that his wife has been unfaithful to him and his brother’s wife has also been unfaithful to her husband. He becomes outraged, bitter and seeks revenge by having her executed. Love plays the role of turning a once clam ruler into a bitter man full of rage for the opposite sex. He assigns his servant with the role of looking for a virgin for him every night and in the morning she would be executed as he did not want to give her the chance to win over his heart then break it like the way his wife had previously done.

After a while, the servant can no longer find anymore virgins, his daughter volunteers herself amidst him being reluctant. On the night of their wedding, she starts telling the King a tale but does not finish it, in the morning he postpones her execution as he is eager to hear the end of the tale. She survives and from then henceforth, she would always start a tale and stop halfway in the middle of the night only for it to be continued the next day. Consequently the king would postpone her execution. In this case, love plays the role of entrapment as the wife tricks the husband everyday into postponing her execution. She ends up telling him the 1001 tales of the Arabian dream. These tales focus mainly on love and heroism, the need to have a partner and companion and mostly cleverness by the characters that in the end triumph amidst challenges.

The King becomes more and more intrigued by the tales and found out that without his knowledge he had completely postponed the execution of his wife and was now in love with her and could not imagine a life without her. Love in this case, plays the role of bringing internal and external peace. The King becomes at peace with his life and his choices as he can now be able to easily trust again. The nation was ruled now by a King who was no longer vengeful and was not after executing the young virgins. Love was used to trick a King into realizing his mistakes and without knowing he corrected his ways and became better.

In both books love plays the significant role of revealing to the actors what they do not already know about their spouses to be. In the Midsummer nights, Shakespeare uses love to uncover people as what they believe to be their perfect partner is not and that love is found in a place where it was not expected. This is the same theme that runs in the 1001 Arabian midnight that the king falls in love with someone when he least expected. Love plays the role of making life mischievous and more interesting.

Additionally, love also plays the role of love being a dream that comes true for the characters. The theme of having and experiencing dreams in the books reveals that love is the fulfillment of a need that we all dream about and once one has acquired it his life is bound change. The characters seek to find that one person that will make their lives worth living and once they do, they do not hesitate to declare their undying love. Love is also equated to marriage as those in love end up getting married and being united for a lifetime.


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