A Review Of The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Da Vinci Code is a modern classic in the mystery genre. Filled with puzzles, twists, and mysteries. The book is highly praised by most. I, however, did not enjoy the story or its mystery. Despite being praised as a modern classic I see the book as just so so. The character’s are all bland especially the main character Robert Langdon. I did not like this book and I found it to be incredibly plainplane.

The mystery of this story relates back to its namesake, Leonardo Da Vinci. It revolves around the idea of a secret society named The Priory Of Sion (Priory)and the fact that they have the holy Grail. The two main characters Langdon and Sophie Neveu are charged with a murder they did not commit. The person who actually committed the crime being someone who disliked the Priory and is searching for the keystone. Langdon and Sophie now must go on a quest to find the keystone, and reveal the secrets of the Priory of Scion, the very secret society Leonardo Da Vinci was once lead.

For me the overall premise of the book was boring. The motivation for the characters to act (being accused of murder) just didn’t seem realistic in the slightest. The evidence was all circumstantial and the whole twist of who put everything in motion again didn’t make much sense. The puzzle which was the main focus for the longest time on the book would have probably been easily solved by some modern-day power tools. This book doesn’t have any plot holes, simply gaping holes in logic which sucked me out of the experience and made me realize that I was reading a book.

The characters in the Da Vinci Code were mostly boring and uninspired. Langdon, a middle-aged man whothat does whatever Sophie tells him to do. Sophie, a femmegem fatale, and Fauche a bullheaded police officer. Now all of the characters in the book weren’t a bore simply the ones you spend the most time with. See the problem here? There were characters like Lee Teabing and Silas who in Silas’s case ironically had more independent thought that Langdon. I could never become invested with either of the main characters, making each scene that was supposed to create tension just another boring and played out scene. I can see why this story was liked by so many, but, if you remove the religious controversy it’s an incredibly safe story that’s easy to get behind. This book might have been grown breaking once but now it’s just incredibly cookie cutter in my eyes.


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