A response to the article “Inequality and the American Dream” Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

The article “Inequality and the American Dream” is written from an economic perspective. It addresses American economic state where the author argues that it needs certain adjustment in order to increase the upward mobility and exploit economic opportunities.

From a careful analysis of literature, it is evident that America has become a magnet attracting immigrants from all over the world. This has been attributed by the fact that its economy is dynamic thus offering chances for people to live a good life.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that there is a lot of insecurity and inequalities where ordinary citizens have their lives reconciled to the rough side. This is ironical since America emerges as a super power at the global arena yet it has not achieved the dream of enhancing equality despite the notable development.

It has drawn my attention that other world countries embrace the “American model” since the super power has enormous wealth and its economic development is marked by up-to-date juggernauts of globalization and technology. Evidence from statistical analysis has shown that America experiences fast economic growth, a factor that leads to the rise of fat profits and low levels of unemployment.

Other countries in the world have watched the pace and development strategies used in America and have begun marching forward to Americanize their economies. A good example is that of my country, Japan which has tried to imitate America. One of the evidences to support this claim is the fact that my country has embarked on using the “American model” to foster globalization.

Like America, Japan has made its economy to become more flexible by encouraging free trade. This has also been done by adopting capitalism as a mode of production which has sparked stiff competition on available opportunities and resources such as land in order to maximize profits.

The country has also encouraged foreigners to invest on its economy by establishing trade policies which are meant to spawn huge wealth. Nevertheless, I have realized that as the economy develops, stiff competition from foreign investors have denied the natives access to crucial resources hence resulting to dissatisfaction due to the increased level of inequality between the rich and the poor.

This has also been witnessed in America where the bourgeoisies pull away all the resources from the poor leaving them as victims of poverty. Moreover, the model has not only disorganized the economy but has also affected the evenly distribution of wealth making it is impossible to achieve social mobility.

In fact, economic analysts have realized that globalizing Japan’s economy by allowing free trade has sparked adverse effects such as increased unemployment, reduced profits from local industries and reduction of wages for workers. This scenario has raised a huge debate not only in the national level but also in the global arena.

To recap it all, Thinkers hold high prejudice on the “American Model” arguing that it is a silent killer for any stable economy since it results to immigration, meritocracy and inequality. Therefore, every country should identify other models to achieve outstanding growth in the economy rather than adopting the “American Model”.

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