A Reflection Paper on Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

“Who moved my Cheese” is a short story written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. The story tells the reader a very important message, explaining how change is an essential ingredient for success. The book stresses upon the fact that we cannot be afraid to change, simply because we cannot be successful without new ideas or new scenarios. Moving to college was a very abrupt change in my life. Leaving home and finding new friends can be very difficult for someone who feels like they’re still in high school. However, just like the ideal in the book tells us, going to college will ultimately generate success.

For me, moving away to college has probably been the biggest change of my life. I remember the day that I had to leave. I stayed up all night with my friends, and we had a bonfire. Even though I had to wake up at four o’clock in the morning, I stayed up late anyways, just to spend time with my friends. The way I felt was hard to describe. I knew that living at home was no longer the place for me anymore. I had spent all summer constantly working, hanging out with friends, wakeboarding and spending time with my girlfriend. It was a very busy summer, and I wasn’t home very often. When I was home, my family usually wasn’t there. They were doing the same things as me. As I had gotten older, it was not just me who became more independent. My parents didn’t do much ‘parenting’ anymore, they recognized the fact that I was an adult and I was able to make my own decisions. They didn’t have to take care of me anymore, they no longer changed my diapers. Once I had gotten hired, they let me make my own money and manage it without any support from them. When I got my driver’s license, they awarded me with a car, and no longer had to take me anywhere. It seemed like everything was getting more and more independent in my own life and theirs, and the next step for me was to leave. And so I did.

I had seen it coming the whole time, and was not taken by surprise. I would miss my friends, but I knew that I’d see them again eventually. It was awkward how ready I was to change and move away. I think that I am most like Sniffy in “Who moved my cheese”. Sniffy knew that the cheese was going bad, and he was ready to leave the cheese to find new cheese. Metaphorically, I knew the ‘cheese’ was getting old because I knew that I had to leave and understood why. Also, I do have an obsessive habit with finding small mishaps (like a dent on a car).

Overall, I believe that my initial reaction to leaving for college was pretty accurate. I knew that I was going to warmer in Florida, and I’m very happy about that. Warm weather makes me happy. Stepping outside and feeling like you are inside of a freezer does not satisfy me. Though I am yet to see the real long-term benefit of college, I can also say that it’s nice to not lose things the laundry, or be forced to clean up my apartment. My change was mostly positive, and I’m enjoying college lots more than High school in general.

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