A Pesona of Helen Keller

April 13, 2021 by Essay Writer

A lack of motivation is a real pressing problem, throughout United States in Education. Intrinsic motivation is defined as an internal force that motivates students to learn Schuster’s article comments on which she describes five characteristics. PIO Research, states 40% of High School students are “chronically disengaged”. This statistics shows that students’ lack of intrinsic motivation cause them to disengaged from school, leading to academic failure. Helen Keller was an American author, women’s rights activist, political, and first deaf/blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Despite of her disability, with the help of her mentor Anne Sullivan, she was able to achieve her skills to excel her learning skills beyond her arisen to explore, and learn new things. I believe that Helen Keller does demonstrate Schuster’s characteristics of a good student.

Helen Keller demonstrates curiosity; by she was questioning, and wanting to learn more about filled with question. Schuster’s characteristics of curiosity defined as desire to question, explore, or see differently. When she was with her mentor Anne Sullivan about the question, Helen Keller demonstrates curiosity; by she was questioning, and wanting to learn more about filled with question. Shuster’s characteristics of curiosity defined as desire to question, explore, or see differently. She demonstrated when she was with her mentor Anne Sullivan about the question, when she has to learn, her curiosity grew, and her mind was filled with questions. And realized now she has the tool to learn. When she went to see the next day, Anne Sullivan gave violet flowers to her. She kissed her on the cheek, and she felt disgusted, because she only likes her kissed from her mother. And Anne Sullivan said, “I love Helen”. And she was filled with confusion, and said “What is the meaning of the word love.” (11). In the Instance, Helen Keller was curiosity, by questioning Anne Sullivan about the meaning of the word love. It’s ambivalent for her because she can only learn through touch. She would do what a young child would do, attempting to get the right answer.

Helen Keller demonstrates discipline, by willing to learn to proven herself that she could do anything. Schuster’s characteristics of discipline defined as being persistent without any shortcuts. When Helen Keller was with Anne Sullivan, she has assigned to Helen to arrange the beads to group them in order small to large. She had to put them like in the right order, so she could please Anne Sullivan with the results. She noticed her mistake, and tried doing it again for correcting her mistake. Anne Sullivan was patience with her, so Helen doesn’t have to feel frustrated about the time. She said, “I noticed a very obvious error in an instance… I concentrated my attention on the lesson and tried to think how I should have arranged the beads. (19)“ She stated that she have been making a lot of mistakes, but still trying to learn to get in the right order. Even though she keeps trying again, Anne Sullivan gave her a boost by touching her forehead, and said to her in a one word “think”. It helped Helen Keller to motivate herself to keep trying.

Helen Keller demonstrated Initiative, by realizing that now she has a tool to learn. Shuster’s characteristics of initiative defined as taking charge and responsibility. When she left the well house, she was at her room thinking about how she couldcooperate her learning technique, that Anne Sullivan taught her, so she can make herself a better student. . Her knowledge grew more inside of her craving for learning.

Helen Keller demonstrates enthusiasm, by realizing that there was a new language as awaken her making her excited. Schuster’s characteristics of enthusiasm defined as to feeling excitement or enjoyment. When she’s at the well house with Anne Sullivan, she drew a picture of water, so she can demonstrated today’s lesson. She placed Helen Keller hands under the sprout of water. She wanted Helen Keller to say the word water slowly, and touching it at the same time. Her fingers felt the cool sensation on her fingertips. And she realized there was mystery languages awaken inside of her. And she finally spells and says the word water. Helen said, “Her soul has awakened gave her light at joy.. Through the mystery language and everything as a name, and eager to wanting to learn more. (7).” She stated that a new language as awaken inside of her, and she prevailed it. Now, she’s eager to explore, and interested of learning new things, like a normal child would. But her disability were countervailing against her ability to learn normally, because she’s blind and deaf ever since she was born. Anne Sullivan used a technique of touch, which is not prevalent in any other lessons. Her purpose for Anne Sullivan is to help Helen to learn, so she can get the information right, Helen used her touch as a sense, so she can feel and say the words. Because she could only way to learn through touch. Touching is very important technique that Helen Keller has to master. The lesson of Anne Sullivan was invaluable which motivate Helen Keller to succeed.

Helen Keller demonstrates Schuster’s characteristics of a good student well. To develop these characteristics, students should make a schedule, so they can keep on track with their work or homework assignments. This advice will help students to be organized; by showing initiative, students show responsibility, by writing the schedule, so they can be on track. And showing enthusiasm, by not stressing themselves on which assignment is due. Also, students show interest with their schedule by seeing the schedule, and feeling accomplished with their hard work. Students should also read their chapters before class. Reading chapters helps with their curiosity by knowing what the topic of the lecture and engaging with the reading can help them learn the main idea of the passage in their reading in the textbook filled with questions, and it makes them want to read more about the information. Also, it demonstrates discipline because the students will read every passage in a paragraph of knowing to leads end of the chapter. Learning from the textbook, students can be acknowledged with all the information, and getting to know their perspective with the novel or the textbook to grow inside of them becoming a better reader. It shows how intrinsic motivation can help students to succeed.

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