A “Perfect Society” In “Utopia” Written By Sir Thomas More

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

In the More Utopian readings (Utopia by Sir Thomas More) we learn about the different ways that the Utopians lived. We learn about their different rituals they have and how they have to follow a certain lifestyle. The readings have all been very interesting due to the fact that each one is different in its own way and how they all have a connection in a way they all have customs and notions that they practice and indulge in. When it comes to creating a “perfect” society there comes a bit of challenge in order to maintain a balance in people and in laws. This means there can be agreements and disagreements depending on how you create your society and what laws and notions you choose to apply to your Utopia. One important custom, notion, or practice of the Utopians that caught my attention would have to be how they all have the same laws.

According to More, “… the manners, customs, and laws of which are the same, and they are all contrived as near in the same manner as the ground on which they stand will allow.” which means to me that every city in this Utopia is treated equally and no one is treated less or differently but equally. They also discuss certain concerns and are provided with any necessities they wish to have. This is something that I believe should always be considered because everyone deserves rights and equality among everyone. This can also bring less conflicts in society due to no one complaining about differences and how they are treated.Another important custom, notion, or practice of the Utopians that caught my attention would have to be how they all practice a certain custom that they have derived since childhood.

According to More, “Agriculture is that which is so universally understood among them that no person, either man or woman, is ignorant of it; they are instructed in it from their childhood, partly by what they learn about in school, and partly by practice, they being led out often into the fields about the town, where they not only see others at work but are likewise exercised in it themselves.” They are all required to live in a farm for a couple of years in order to experience in agriculture even though they have inherited it already. Each man and woman have a certain duty to complete such as the manufacture of wool or flax. This custom they have is very important in some way because it is important to practice something that will eventually help them out and be useful in the future. They can pass this custom down to their children so they can learn how to farm and learn how to live their lives like that. I envision a small-scale Utopia because I believe that a small-scale Utopia will be easier to manage rather that a more big-scale Utopia.

The essential goal in this Utopia is be to be an active participating community. For this to happen we would have to ensure that people attend a mandatory meeting every month at the city hall with the Mayor so everyone can discuss any concerns and ask any questions and come to a agreement to solve the issues. We want people to share fundamental goals, values and commitments. Every person would have a chance to address whatever they want, but will have to fill out an application stating their concern or question and turn it in a week before the meeting date in order for the Mayor to review it during the monthly Reyes 3meetings. This is to try and avoid conflicts and try and make things flow smoothly throughout the city. Men and women would have equal rights and responsibilities, which means no rigid gender roles.

Sexual freedom and experimentation in relationships would be allowed as long as there are relationships with consenting adults. Also, to avoid overpopulation the limit to a family household is five. Avoiding overpopulation is important because then the city would get to full since it is a small-scale utopia, and this would probably affect any custom, notion, and practices that are expected to be followed.As education, it would be a free school environment so everyone can earn an education; this goes for any age students. The schools would provide school supplies and books to every student without cost. Also tutoring would be offered to every student who needs the extra help. This is to encourage kids and adults to increase their education as far as they wish. Also earning an education would help gain knowledge to earn a stable career. Also healthcare would be provided to prevent illnesses, diseases, and deaths.

Every hospital and clinic would be free to any patient and would provide medication.Every house is built the same, except any color may be chosen so it can be ordinary somehow and not be identical. The houses would be built the same in order to try and avoid people from judging other people on how they live and most importantly so if anything needs maintenance it would be easier to fix knowing how everyone’s house is set up. Every house would be provided with cameras, alarms, and insurance to avoid any robberies and cover any stolen belongings. The backyards would have many fruit trees and vegetable crops to provide Reyes 4families with fresh produce instead of having to go out to the grocery store and having to purchase it.

Also One special holiday will be “stress free day” which would consist of no one having to attend work or school on that certain day so everyone can get a chance to relax and enjoy the day off without having any responsibilities. This also means that mostly every store, restaurant, and business will be closed. People would be allowed to go to the nearby parks and spend time with family or take a trip to the beach and enjoy the sun. Every individual is expected to live as stress free as possible to be able to live their lives as wanted, just like everyone should.

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