A Mysterious Story, Or Another World

May 6, 2021 by Essay Writer

As described in the novels, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean, both have major characters facing internal conflict throughout the novel. Even though the main characters might be born different than their peers, they learn to adapt and overcome the hardship. The journey of self assurance and finding themselves allows for rising action, leading to the plot of the novel. Although at times they may confront their internal problems in vastly different ways, the two novels show the path to resolvement within themselves.

The confrontation of internal conflict throughout the books can be compared in many ways. The struggle of not looking and acting like the others at birth in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button related to Norman Maclean not having the instant success as his brother did in fly fishing in the novel A River Runs Through it. Both fathers took a stubborn but loving approach, Benjaman was reluctant of the thought of having to dress and act like a baby but he did so in order to please his father “he swallowed uneasily at the penultimate word, feeling nevertheless that is was the proper thing to say.’”All right, father”–this with a grotesque simulation of filial respect–“you’ve lived longer, you know best”. The same goes for Norman, his father wanted him to be different than others considering man is naturally evil, the fear of his son becoming evil in the eyes of the Lord led to Paul and Norman Maclean staying away from the sins of school, while my friends their days at Missoula Elementary I stayed home and learned to write the american language he’d bring the essay to his father and get the response “half as long”, although he heard this several times he persisted to please his father. Both instances are torn between the internal desires and the desires of their fathers are placing before them but they show their similarities in both cases.

The two stories at times were confronted with different scenarios which led them to have contrasting attitudes toward the situation. Norman confronted his problems in a selfish way. He felt like if it didn’t affect him why did it matter. The act of having to manage a drunk brother as well as a brother-in law showed to be a problem for him. When Norman loses his brother-in-law, Niel,while fishing he only mentions “to hell with him” and “how the hell do you help that son of a b*tch” inferring his selfish nature. Benjaman, on the other hand, confronted conflict with a chip on his shoulder. He was denied access into the college of his choice due to his appearance, he would show them! He would go to Harvard, and then Yale would regret these ill-considered taunts “you’ll regret this!” he shouted “ha ha”. This fiery persistence would soon get Benjaman what he wanted it was the biggest mistake that Yale College had ever made.

The resolution of their problems can be compared through how they accept their differences and embrace what makes them unique. Norman comes to terms with his brother Paul acknowledging he is more than a drunk “paul knew how I felt about my fishing and was careful not to seem superior by offering advice, but he had waited so long that he could not leave now without saying something”. Not realizing the significance he allows his brothers respectful approach, allowing Norman to finally grasp the motion, but as soon as he left, which was immediately I started throwing my line on a diagonal and it helped”, this of course resolved any further conflict they had” I ran for a fresh whole life a fresh start in life as Norman mentions inferring he found a new outlook on life. The same approach was taken in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, “blood flowed with new vigor through his veins”, what was once a burden of aging backwards has now changed his life, a whole new outlook on life made him look at the positives causing him to finally get the motions of life down which came with time. It began to be a pleasure to rise in the morning, shows how Norman and Benjaman share a new beginning of life which came from resolving the burden held within.

The resolution of internal conflict can be contrasted in the two novels in many ways. Although Benjamin thought the only solution to happiness was youth, this has soon come around to bite him, instead of being delighted-he was uneasy, he was getting younger, from that time on a chasm began to widen between him and his wife as well. Bejmans growing unhappiness at home was compensated by taking on hobbies as well in order to cope with the inconvenience. Benjaman found hope through changing his life, this contrasts with Norman confronting his situation in order to solve his problems. Norman was faced with the death of his brother, although it may seem that now he won’t have to keep up with the inconvenience of looking after his adult brother, nothing but wonderful thoughts came from the situation. As time passes my father struggled for more to hold onto, asking me again and again: had I told him everything. And I finally said to him, “maybe all i know about Paul is that he was a fine fisherman” “you know more than that,” my father said; “he was beautiful.”And that was the last time we spoke of my brothers death. Instead of finding new hobbies Norman continued to fish even though his brother could no longer acquaint him.

In conclusion the two novels addressed internal conflict in many ways. The true attitude of the main characters is shown through how they handle their problems. In A River Runs Through It the main character comes to terms with the life God has given him, even though his circumstances might not have been ideal. He solves the conflict and continues to be happy. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button faces troubles throughout his whole life and although he finds himself he still faces the burden of always becoming younger which he could never fully accept.

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