A Mockingbird Lesson

May 28, 2020 by Essay Writer

One important lesson ?o Kill a Mockingbird teaches us have courage throw everything. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird there are three examples from the book is Miss. Dubose even though it might not look like she had courage she really did. The quote from the book that talks about that. Miss. Dubose was a morphine addict: said Atticus.”She took it as a pain killer for years. The doctor put her on it. She has spent the rest of her life on it before she died, and that’s what she did (92)

This shows that Dubose is courageous because it shows when she wanted to turn her life around and not die the way ses been living her life.

She wanted to die on a good note. She might have been a mean old lady that didn’t like to talk to people but she was really a courageous and determinded., old lady. Another Way she shows courage is by sticking up for herself.

“Jeremy Finch, I told you you live to regret tearing up my comellas. You regret it now, don’t you?”991)She shows courage in here by standing up for herself during a rough time.She was standing up for herself from rude kids who are taking advantage of her.All she wanted to do was prove that she could beat her addiction and she would do whatever it takes. Another person in the book who shows courage is Boo Radley himself. One way he showed courage was escaping from the house and Nathan Radley to give the kids gifts also when he escaped the grip of the house saved Scout and Jem. ? ? By the time I reached the corner the man was crossing our yard. Light from out front door framed Atticus for an instant; He and the man took Jem inside (223) This shows that even though Boo Radley couldn’t leave that prison of a house he like Jem and Scout enough that he jumped into action to save Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell. Last but not least the person who showed the most courage of all is Atticus Finch even though he was just a father he had the courage to fight the food and go against what everyone thought and defends African American Tom Robinson. ? ?There? nothing more sickening to me than a low-grade white man who’ll takes advantages of an African America ignorance ?(188) Atticus knows that he won’t win the case but even though he knows there is no way of him winning the case he still goes into the courtroom and gives it all he gots. He stood up For Tom Robinson and did a darn good job at it. Theses three amazing people had courage throw out the book and did good things in life. They all found courage in themselves and stood up for what the belief in.

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