20 Things We’ve Been Lied to All Our Life

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Because we have been lying since childhood, Le Geek C’est Chic puts on his vigilante costume to reveal the truth about 20 phony news.When you’re a child, you’re a little stupid and you believe everything you tell us without flinching (yes, yes you also believed in Santa Claus and the Little Mouse). The problem is that as we grow up, we integrate the most credible information as true, and overcome the vice, we pass them on, to others who will do the same. This is how most of the received ideas are born and spread. Back today on 20 things that we all believed true, even your teacher 3rd4, when in fact not at all.

  1. Swallowing a chewing gum is bad for the stomach.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (2)FALSE. You swallowed your chewing gum after an uncontrollable giggle? Do not panic, do not go to the emergency, you do not risk anything by a great moment of solitude. This idea, which was largely perpetuated by generations of parents, has finally entered the collective unconscious. Certainly, the components of chewing gum are impossible to digest by the body, but your body has no problem in evacuating it alone as a great by natural ways.
  2. If a white hair is pulled out, he will push several of them back instead.???????FALSE. This belief has never been scientifically proven. Each hair works independently and when its cell pigment dies, it becomes white. No risk that tearing a white hair will push others to the side!
  3. Holland is a country.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (4)FALSE. Holland is simply a region of the Netherlands. It is as if one spoke of Brittany to designate France, it lacks pieces. As a result, the inhabitants of the Netherlands are not the “Dutch”, but the “Dutch”. It’s less easy to say and remember, but it’s like that and that’s it.
  4. The sky is reflected in the sea giving it its blue color.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (5)FALSE. By capturing the ambient light, natural or not, the molecules present in the water absorb the wavelengths of most colors, but the blue, the green and the gray in less quantity. This is why, according to the depth of the water and the molecules that compose it, its color will draw either towards a beautiful blue, or towards greener or gray shades.
  5. The Coca-Cola recipe is known only to two people.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (1)FALSE. It’s probably one of the most stubborn urban legends. The company does not communicate to the general public the recipe to keep the manufacturing secret, but it is obviously known to some people outside the company for reasons of patent and public health. Moreover, nowadays it is relatively easy to discover the composition and dosage of a recipe using devices such as mass spectrometers. In contrast, the legend about the presence of cocaine in the drink is real. It was actually one of the ingredients used in the first version of the recipe before it was changed for obvious reasons in 1903.

Source 6. Lighthouse calls to prevent the presence of police officers are prohibited.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (6)FALSE. Despite what one might think, you will not be verbalised for this practice. However, do not play too smart with men in blue. Even if by day you can use your headlights as you like, at night it’s another story. Indeed, an unjustified night light call may be considered dangerous because you may dazzle other drivers. A policeman a little annoyed can therefore use this law to verbalize (fine 135 €) and make you spend the desire to start again. Also, do not forget that police are not always there to punish speeding 2 km / h above the limit, but sometimes try to intercept people who have committed serious crimes ( murder, abduction of children, …). You never know who you are helping …

Source 7. In a lifetime, we eat several spiders while we sleep.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (7)FALSE. The lips, the tongue, and the inside of the mouth are extremely sensitive, so you would be immediately awake if an insect came a little too close. In addition, spiders are also very sensitive and can pick up vibrations and smells (you’ve never watched Spider-Man?). In short, that arachnophobes reassure themselves, swallowing a spider involuntarily is almost impossible, and in the worst case, you would know very quickly.

Source 8. Marie-Antoinette would have said: “If they have no bread, let them eat brioche!”20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (8)FALSE. The rumor lending this reply to the wife of Louis XVI during the French Revolution has never been proven. Aiming to mark the inequalities between the nobles and the rest of the people, it would be a manipulation of the revolutionaries to accelerate the uprising of the people against the regime in place. The only written record of this expression comes from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Confessions”, which no longer quotes Marie-Antoinette.

Source 9. Napoleon was small.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (9)FALSE. Napoleon has always been synonymous with small size, and there are many jokes about it. In fact, the autopsy of his body proves that the emperor measured 1m67, a size more than correct compared to the averages of the time.Source 10. Mosquitoes are attracted to light.20-things-on-which-we-lie-all-our-life (10)FALSE. Culicidae (aka mosquitoes for intimates) are not attracted to light. It’s the females that sting, and they are actually mainly guided by CO² that we all emit while breathing. No need to become a champion apnea to avoid bites since these dirty beasts also detect odors (sweat, perfume, …) as well as certain products such as steroids or anti-cholesterol drugs.

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