William Faulkner ‘s A Rose For Emily Essay example

William Faulkner stories were usually written within the setting of his home town of Mississippi. Posed after the Civil War and with a twist as we see in “A Rose for Emily”. As a matter of fact, this particular story could be Faulkner’s own family with the similarities of the setting and the fact that both Emily’s and Faulkner family lost the influence it once had.

In both version, film and the literary story, of “A Rose of Emily”, William Faulkner starts the story the same as he ends it; with the death of Emily Grierson. Along with the fall of a prominent family and the mental abuse of Emily by her father.

In the book, we can see how Faulkner takes his time to paint the picture of the scenery for the readers, “It was a big, squarish frame house that had once been white,……, set on what had once been our most select street. But garages and cotton gins had encroached…….the august names of the neighborhood; only Miss Emily’s house was left” (Faulkner, A Rose 82). This give you a detail vision of how Miss Emily’s house look and the street she resides on. But in the movie no detail is given or mention about Miss Emily’s residence or the street and its surrounding. As a matter of fact, in the movie, Miss Emily’s house is never shown white as mention in the book; nor does the house appears to be run down as also stated in the opening of the book. When we see Miss Emily’s house in the movie it a big blueish color house surrounded by other houses on a regular, working class neighborhood.

If we look at the sequence of the story in the book, William Faulkner wrote this story using two different plots, flashback and foreshadowing. The most obvious flashback was Miss Emily’s death at the beginning. But with all the twist and turns Faulkner put…

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…at the rotting body of Homer had reach the stage where it no longer smell.

In these mysterious yet decisive depiction of the once high and might Emily Grierson we see the fall of what was once the towns Idol or monument. The Grierson were once examples the elite society of this small town and what they had to offer. Oh, but how time brings about a change. The descriptive adjectives used to describe the house, big, squarish frame, once white, coquettish decay, an eyesore (82), or at least what we presumed was describing the house. But as we read farther and look further at the movie, we see that this colorful use of words not only describe the house but Miss Emily also. Once Emily closed herself off from society after what we now know, the murder of Homer Barron, she went to this pretty thin woman to an fat, grey haired, and yellow- pale skin (from lack of sun) woman.

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