The World Of The Fairies In A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

The World Of The Fairies In A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Mid summer nights dream is one of William Shakespeare earlier plays,

it was written in the late fifteen hundreds. The title suggests that

the play was set in the midsummer, on the shortest night of the year;

it being on the shortest night of the year gives that mystical

eeriness about the play. Within the play there are three worlds each

having its own set of people. The three sets of characters within the

play are, the nobles, the mechanicals and the fairies. The nobles were

the wealthy people living and ruling in Athens. The characters from

this group are Theseus, Theseus is the duke of Athens, and he is

getting married to Hippolyta in four nights. Because Theseus is the

duke of Athens when people have problems within their lives they go to

see, so he can lead them in the right direction. Egeus is also a

noble, he is the father of Hermia, Hermia loves Lysander and Lysander

loves Hermia, but Hermia’s father want his daughter to marry

demetrius, Demetrius is also a noble like Lysander, either is better

than the other, but Demetrius left his ex-lover Helena how still loves

him, how ever he does not love her. Egeus goes to the duke of Athens

Theseus to tell him about his daughter wrong doings. In Athens the

daughter had to do as her father told her. Egeus tell Theseus

“But either happy is the rose distilled, than that which withering on

the virgin thorn grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness.”

Which basically means that egeus would rather see his daughter die a

virgin that see her marry Lysander rather than Demetrius. Theseus

decides to give Hermia till the day of his wedding four nights away,

for her to decide whether to marry demetrius or live her live alone

till death.

The second of the tree world that we come into contact with in the

play is that of the mechanicals. These are a group of working men in

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