The Struggles of the Youngers in A Raisin in the Sun Essay

The Struggles of the Youngers in A Raisin in the Sun


Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun depicts the struggles of three generations of the Youngers family in the 1950’s of poorer Chicago.  Act 2, scene 2 of the play displays an understanding of the Youngers and the atmosphere in which they live.  In just a few pages, Lorraine Hansberry reveals the struggles enforced upon the characters individually as well as with their united desires as a family.  Individually, each character must overcome prejudice from his family and associates, while still enduring struggles and hardships that diminish any intended goals.  Together, however, the Younger family must overcome the racial bigotry incurred by society, while still maintaining social pride and integrity.  In contrast, a predominant expression of hope and encouragement is a factor in the lives of such characters, as revealed by the author.  With the use of dramatic elements to interpret the events of this section of the play, in addition to the issues of race and gender, it is obvious that the Youngers represent a black family struggling towards middleclass respectability not only in society, but in their own home as well.


      To interpret the significance of this scene, it is necessary to consider the environment, including the way the scene is set up and other devices used to interpret the situation.   Set in the home of the Younger’s, the scene represents the Youngers’ living conditions.  Objects such as packing crates are thrown into the scene, representing the moving of the family.  All dramatic elements intertwine to offer an o…

… middle of paper …

…p; Props such as the bed, the phone, the radio and the newspaper had bold meanings associated with them.  The actions of the characters and the struggles they faced with issues of racial discrimination and gender differences symbolize the struggles of society as a whole.  The time, the 1950’s, the reference to the Ku Klux Klan, and the place Chicago, represent a period of great trials and tribulations for black people overcoming the slavery of their people in America.  Throughout the entirety of the play, issues of gender and race play a recurring role.  It isn’t until Act 2, scene 2 of the novel when hope is sought for these issues.  Through the revelation of this section, it is discovered that the Younger’s are a family with a lot of pride who struggle and seek hope to better their position in the corruption around them.


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