The Second Amendment – The Right To Bear Arms Essay

The Second Amendment

Few issues incite americans more than the issue of rising crime and

violence. This problem can easily be linked to the availability of guns.”The

debate over whether guns are a hallowed tradition and a right guaranteed by the

Second Ammendment of the U.S.constitution or whether they are a fearful danger

contributing to crime and violence.” (“gun control”) Due to the outbreak of

violence in our society, some people feel that repealing the Second Ammendment

would solve the problem. These people feel that repealing the Second Ammendment

would solve the problem. These people feel that there are two reasons for the

repeal; One is the rising of violence among teenagers, the second reason is

their interpertation of the Second Ammendment which could be considered a strict

one. The side opposing these views use arguments like how it would be

immpossible to repeal the Second Ammendment, and a long western civilizations

history with a right to bear arms. Finally one can see the conflict of views

dealing with the Second Ammenment, but one would also see that repealing the

ammendment wouldn’t solve the problem facing our society. The contriversy of

this issue that has the potential to pulverise this country is why it is such a

good topic to discuss, people should be better informed and make a decision

based on fact and not fiction. Many advocates of the

limitations of guns can quote numerous examples of increasing violence and

homicide crimes. But the area which hits the closest to home is the issue of

violence among the teenagers of our society. The years have changed on how

students deal with their problems “Twenty-five or thirty years ago, when teenage

boys got into a fight… it usually meant a fist fight. In more and more

neighborhoods… it now means a shoot out” (“Gun Control”320). Violence like

that is a major problem on our streets and even in our schools. Almost

everywhere now “youngsters are packing weapons, Some are involved in drugs or

gangs; others carry them for self-defense… One study says at least one in

every three male juveniles is armed”(Muller 2). Now more than ever before an

“increasing number of children under the age of 18 arrested each year for murder

has jumped 55% in the past decade,… Juvenile arrests for aggravated assault

are rising dramatically” (Henkoff 2…

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…dment most

people are unaware that the 14th or Civil Rights Ammendment also guarantees the

right of freedmen to bear arms. Do advocates against the Second Ammendment

suggest that we repeal this ammendment too? Many Americans would not go for that.

Furthermore it is obvious that it would be impossible to repeal the Second

Ammendment there are otherways to deal with rising crime and violence. Obviously

military type weapons should not be available to the public, they are designed

with one thing in mind, to kill people. There should also be limits on semi-

automatic handguns because they are not even suitable for sport and it only

takes one shot to warn off someone attaking you not 14 as many weapons can hold.

Even though steps must be taken to curb gun violence people must get more

involved with the system to insure that limits do not go too far. It is after

all the people who control politics, not politicians.

In conclusion the Constitution holds the basic rights for which we

exercise each day. Our basic rights are guarenteed by the Constitution, and if

they abolish the Second Ammendment we would not enjoy the result, no crime but

at the cost of a police state. This is not America.

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