The Coat Of Arms Of Nursing Essay

The Coat of Arms of Nursing

The nursing profession is different in comparison to many other professions. Its uniqueness comes from how subjective it is. Every individual views the art of nursing differently. A coat of arms helps to express the creativity of the profession through symbols. These symbols represent qualities that are central to nursing in the individual’s interpretation.

For our coat of arms we chose five symbols that we feel illustrate five key qualities of a nurse. At the very top of our shield, we have a girl sitting atop a tree with a megaphone. The girl is the symbol of an advocate. Placing her at the top of the coat of arms serves two functions; first it shows that she is a barrier or source of protection and she will manage and look after the others. The girl is sitting atop the tree rather than standing which gives a sense of comfort that she is approachable and not intimidating. The girl is holding the megaphone, which symbolizes her assertiveness. She is able to be confident but remains easygoing. The central image is a tree which symbolizes knowledge. Placing the tree in the middle indicates that it is the core of nursing and the branches of a tree illustrate the different types of knowledge a nurse can inherit. We also have an elastic band around the tree, which shows adaptability. We chose an elastic band because it has the ability to move and stretch according to the needs of the user, similar to a nurse who is adaptable to different situations. The two people on both sides of the tree illustrate empathy and accountability. The girl who is hugging the tree is the empathizer. The separation in between the two people suggests that, although she understands how others feel she maintains a distance to avo…

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…s I am able to learn from my mistakes. When being an advocate for my patients, I must not allow my own biases to interfere. I have to acknowledge my own biases so that I do not neglect care for my patients or make biased assumptions about patients rather than advocating for their needs. I always thought that sympathy is a universal value in nursing but rather empathy is. As a nurse I must understand the patient’s situation in order to be efficient rather than being sensitive to their situation. I also realize that it is very important for nurses to be adaptable as they face different and unique situations every day. I have concluded that a nurse is never done learning and that the profession is based on more than what is taught in school. A proficient nurse is not someone who can cure patients but rather someone who embodies all of the key qualities discussed above.

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