Resolving Conflicts in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun Essay

Resolving Conflicts in A Raisin In The Sun


  A mother is the heart of every home. Mothers try to maintain order within a household while encouraging creativity and idealism. In the play A Raisin In The Sun, Mother understands that her children need to form and strengthen their beliefs as they come to realize their personal aspirations. She is the head of the family around whom the conflicts arise and are resolved.


After the death of her husband, Mother struggles to keep her family together by providing the support and guidance they need, and encouraging them to use good judgment and think of the family as a whole before making their decisions. As the family faces various obstacles, each seemingly more severe than the last, Mother begins to doubt her own abilities to raise her children. Although, while in the process of overcoming these obstacles, Mother’s strength as a parent is reaffirmed as her children find themselves returning to the values that were instilled upon them in order to resolve their respective conflicts.


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