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In the short story of ”A Rose of Emily” by William Faulkner a young lady

name Miss Emily Grierson died as a the towns mysterious lady who no one knew what

and about what she would be up to. She’d always keep to herself every since her father

past away due to a heart attack. She and the butler lived alone in the house. But then

days later a foul ugly smell was coming for the house everyone was complain about it

Miss. Emily didn’t even bother listening to them so she ignored them. Later that night

the mayor and other men went to her house at But little did the town’s people know the

Miss. Emily always had her eyes for a man before her father past away. Her father

always thought no man would ever be good enough for his daughter. So she never

really got to go out with any man or loved them before. Her family had a sickness of

being crazy.

Later one she meet this man homer he caught her

attention with his sweet charm and handsome look as well. Then after her father’s death

her and homer started to go out and he tried playing her cause that’s what he was

known for to tease around with girls. Miss. Emily knew what she was getting herself into

but she knew if she couldn’t have him for herself then there had to be another way to

keep him. One day she went to the grocery store to buy Arsenic rat poison ”to kill stinky

Rates. Creates foul stench’’ (lime and arsenic).after weeks later she married the man

name homer, he was a foul sneaky rat that just wanted to mess around and date many

pretty girls she wanted something serious with him but he was the type that flits with

every girl. after they were married no one got to see him after he entered the house. No

one knows w…

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