Overview: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry Essay example

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a story about an African American family struggling with their home environment, money, jobs, and dreams. The main conflict that arouses in this story is about money and space. The family waits for an insurance check which will bring new beginnings to a family in their shape. With each member having a specific dream such as being a doctor, having a home, and owning and running a liquor store, it leads to household conflict. The era this occurred in was filled with struggles for the blacks and that showed an unlikely side of the story. Studies show that 90% of a person’s time is spent inside, and if that environment happens to be unstable, or unhealthy, it could lead to injury, disease, even death (DPH: Healthy Homes n.p.). Being so, how does your home affect you? A dream for a home to promote a successful, happy, functional family, healthy living, greater income, as well as further expansion and investments for the future is indisputable.

Contrary to this idea, Beneatha and Walter Lee, members of the family as well, have more ambitious dreams. The thought of being a female doctor in that time period is a stretch for Beneatha’s dream and the level of trust she would acquire would be less than that of any white female doctor. Whereas Walter Lee’s could provide instantaneous money if he could guarantee success in the liquor selling business, as well as the amount of money he risks starting it. To analyze and wager with these dreams, one would have to be willing to chance success and have alacrity to accept failure. Nonetheless a healthy home is a recipe for success that can lead to auspicious outcomes.

A healthy home environment results in successful, happy, functional families. To o…

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…the most important dream out of the three because it provides stability and peace of mind. With these factors under your belt, not much can be done but to progress forward. In the dream of a job or business there is room for failure, where in a home there is none, creating also an element of security. It is these assets that set a family up for further success, growth, accomplishments, and new beginnings. As the saying goes, the home is where the heart is, but if your heart is in the dream; your home is where your dream is.

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