Middle School Students Witness Brainwashed Essay

Middle school students witness brainwashed, lovesick tweens every single day. Whether it’s at school, in your local mall, or even on the sidewalk while walking your dog, kids these days will have no problem with doing such things as kissing, hand-holding, hugging, and other public displays of affection otherwise considered to be adult. While the typical, pink-faced, wide-eyed, innocent teenager should be focusing on their studies, our youth decides to give their attention to how perfect their curls are.

While some adults are bitter on how kids these days do not experience life as they have, without electronics, and how those devices are corrupting the minds of children, we all know it is not true. The plague that attacks the minds of adolescents is, of course, Love. Love is the bully which corrupts the mind of fair Helena, causing her to believe she is ugly and compelling her to stalk Demetrius into the forest when it is clear he does not want to be followed. In addition to that, thanks to love Hermia is on the brink of death for choosing the man she loves (Lysander) over the man her father would like her to marry (Demetrius). As for Lysander, he betrayed the woman he vowed to marry to chase her best friend (Helena) because of a sudden impulse of Love, even if the Love was from the nectar Puck placed him under.

Love, while not an official character, is the bully responsible for the agony of our protagonists. As a result, the characters in the play are victims of Love, with the evidence supporting this being Helena’s loss of sanity as she chases after Demetrius, Hermia’s risk of life as she chooses Lysander over Demetrius, and Lysander’s betrayal when he begins to love Helena and not Hermia.

Helena’s loss of sanity while she is …

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…chose to gamble with her life rather than to settle with her father’s disgusting but reasonable demands. Lastly, Lysander, a man of pure heart, cheated on the woman he vowed to marry because of a sudden impulse of love towards her best friend.

These examples are perfect to demonstrate how Love acts as a demon, festering in the hearts of those young and naive enough to fall for its dark allure. Even with fictional lovers living in the Elizabethan Age, you can see that Love is not only manipulative, but poisonous when used inappropriately.

In short, the characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream are victims to the bully that is Love with the evidence to support this being Helena’s loss of sanity, Hermia’s poor decision making (choosing the man she loves with the risk of being killed by her father), and Lysander’s betrayal towards Hermia to pursue her best friend Helena.

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