Henrik Ibsen ‘s A Doll ‘s House Essay

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale, it’s a choice”(Weaver) and in A Doll ‘s House by Henrik Ibsen you clearly see just how fast Nora ‘s charmed life comes crashing to the ground when she decides to wake up to a reality call. Ibsen ‘s play centers around an era where women asserting themselves was frowned upon by societal conventions that chained each person into a roll they were to play. He showed a time where women were to meant to be the perfect housewife, governing the children and take care of their husbands all the while being a dainty decoration uncorrupted by the spoils of society. Gender roles were heavily set between men and women yet Ibsen leaves subtle hints throughout the play of highly unpopular and unconventional views concerning breaking free from traditional societal roles while promoting feminism and equality for women which was groundbreaking to challenge society to accept at this time.

Considering the social context it comes to no surprise on how this play drew plenty of unwanted attention towards the women ‘s status and treatment by men or even more over the lack of justice due to the ignorance caused by overlooking women ‘s rights in the 1900s. “Feminist critics have seen Ibsen as a social realist, a, revolutionary thinker, and a benefactor of the suppressed, repressed and oppressed women of the nineteenth century Norway and Europe.”(Maryville University). Ibsen takes a stand by using Nora to represent how women, or people in general have a deep desire to establish their own identity and dignity in societies tyrannical control. Ibsen depicts women as submissive underlings to emphasize the undermining roles women were led to conform to. Women of this time were expected to generally have the same idealis…

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…nderneath her doll like appearance she is tactful and intelligent person who later breaks free from being controlled and decides to be her own doll.

Ibsen clearly shows throughout the play how social unjust and demeaning treatment of women by society needed a strong female role to lead towards women ‘s rights. In a time where ignorance reigned and the only roles accepted for women were to play wife and mother Ibsen challenged the social normalizes with original idealism that strongly supported women ‘s rights and feminist movements by bringing controversial subjects into the public ‘s eyes where it would have been otherwise overlooked in such a slow progressive time. Nora is a strong feminist character for her time and Ibsen used her to show women should not succumb to the conventions of society conformity instead we should all grow as individuals and as a society.

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