Essay on U.s. Army – A Profession Of Arms

U.S. Army – A Profession of Arms

Colonel Mathew Moten once said, “Professions are not professions simply because they say they are. Their clients, society as a whole, have to accept their claims and trust the professions with jurisdiction over important areas of human endeavor”.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the words, “Profession of Arms?” Or what it takes to be part of an organization? There are many occupations, but none quite like the Army Profession of Arms. Typically, I would refer to Webster for a concise definition of the Profession of Arms however; a definition does not exist in the dictionary. I believe a definition of the Profession of Arms is not readily available because it is internal and personal to each one of us. The Profession of Arms is a calling that requires a devotion to service and a willingness to sacrifice.

A profession is defined as, “An occupation or vocation requiring training in the liberal arts or the sciences and advanced study in a specialized field.” In addition to these requirements, military professionals must also have public trust and a commitment to service. The two attributes are what separate the military from other recognized professions and reflect the Army Core Values, which are our guiding principles. This paper examines the Army as a Profession of Arms.

The Army Profession of Arms is a designed to refine Soldiers and the leaders on the understanding of the meaning of professionals and its relation to the Army. It also seeks to understand the task of the military and what separates the Army from other occupations (Griffiths, 2008). The Army Profession of Arms is composed of experts who are entrusted with application of ethics in the land combat power and the…

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…rts in the job we ‘ve been assigned, the Profession of Arms. We are professionals because of the training and education, we have received from the first day of enlistment. We gain technical competency through technical school as we learn the tools of the trade and through continued professional military education, acquiring breadth and specialized knowledge needed to do our job. As such, we ‘re able to execute the mission with precision and excellence, and nothing less. The military is a call to serve! We serve for the people of the United States. In addition, we serve to preserve the peace and when called upon, protect the freedom and national interests of the United States. The core values held by our Army is to inherent in all this is the individual’s willingness to subordinate personal interests for the benefit of one’s unit, ones’ service, and one’s nation.

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